It’s Official: State OKs Medical Marijuana Dispensary In Westport

In June, Westport’s Planning & Zoning Commission voted 4-2 to allow 1 medical marijuana dispensary in Westport.

But that was not the final step on the long road traveled by the applicant, Bluepoint Wellness. Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection still had to approve the application. It was one of 73 submitted to the state.

This afternoon, the DCP announced the approval of 9 new dispensaries. Bluepoint is on the list. The site — the lower level of 1460 Post Road East, in the shopping center with Rio Bravo restaurant — is currently occupied by Coco Spa.

David Lipton — a Westporter, and president of Bluepoint Westport — said the interior will be “tastefully done. The dispensary will reflect the town.” The target date for opening is September 1.

1460 Post Road East: the site of Bluepoint Wellness’ new medical marijuana facility.

Today’s action by the DCP doubles the number of pharmacist-led medical marijuana dispensaries in the state. There are currently 9.

Lipton is also CEO of Advanced Grow Labs, a research and production facility in West Haven. They are a joint venture with Bluepoint Wellness, which already operates a medical marijuana dispensary in Branford.

Lipton calls the Westport approval “very important” for patients in this area of Fairfield County. Today, the closest dispensaries are in Bethel or Milford.

“Right now, that’s a long ride for people who need medical marijuana,” Lipton says. “This means a lot more access for those in the Westport, Weston, Fairfield, Norwalk area.”

There are 30,500 registered medical marijuana patients in Connecticut. The state has certified 31 medical conditions for adults to use the drug, and 8 for patients under 18,

The DCP also approved a medical marijuana dispensary in Stamford today. The other 7 locations are spread throughout the rest of Connecticut.

(For a detailed list of questions and answers about medical marijuana, click here.)

8 responses to “It’s Official: State OKs Medical Marijuana Dispensary In Westport

  1. David is a great local Westporter we should be proud have a local Westporter open in Westport I am glad to call him a frind

  2. One way to reduce store vacancies

  3. Kathleen Brady

    I guess Rio Bravo is going to get real busy.

  4. What a great development for those suffering who need more convenient access in lower FFC.

    • Jay Walshon MD

      Anyone who believes this is a good thing should wonder and research why the CT State Medical Society is so adamantly opposed to this. Westport residents have no idea of the repercussions they will now be faced with. BTW “Medical Marijuana” is an intentional, PR misnomer deivised to fool the public into thinking it is safe & appropriate – it would be like saying “medical cinchona bark”, “medical periwinkle” or “medical willow tree”. The public is so gullible.

      The approval of this dispensary is yet another important item that our town residents should have had a direct voice in once they were educated to the facts rather than Town officials buying into the hype, self-serving anecdotes and propaganda.


      • The residents of Westport have had since at least December 2013 to weigh in on all aspects of the regulations that were finally passed earlier this year. Moreover, medical opiates which are dispensed without the same level of controversy seem to be having a pretty significant negative impact on significant portions of the “gullible” public. They are both controlled substances which require a prescription. I fail to see the logic behind objecting to the one, but apparently overlooking the other

  5. 🙂

  6. the great neighbor David Lipton has sold it to an industry leader:

    truly great success story for a store is not even set up yet, westpot it is!