A Love-ly Compo Serenade

Compo Beach is a magical place all year long. In any season or weather, it attracts Westporters — past and present.

So naturally, when Jonathan Alter hosted his college a cappella group this weekend, he showed them the shore.

Jonathan — a 2017 graduate of Staples High School — now sings with the Dartmouth College Brovertones. They’re on an East Coast tour: Hartford Friday, Yale last night (go figure), the National Christmas Tree lighting in Washington, DC this coming Tuesday.

Staying at the Alters’ Compo-area home was fun. Yesterday afternoon, they wandered over to the beach.

It was a great place to rehearse. Jerri Graham — a talented local photographer — saw them having fun. She loved their energy, and spontaneously snapped some fun-filled shots.

The Brovertones at Compo Beach. Jonathan Alter is 3rd from left. (Photo/Jerri Graham)

She was not there randomly. Her secret mission: to photograph an engagement taking place momentarily at the water’s edge.

Matthew Cook had orchestrated a romantic beach stroll with his girlfriend Carlie Kleinman, and their dog April. The 2004 Staples grads live now in New York City. But both still love Compo.

Carlie had no clue that Matt was about to pop “the question” on their beautiful beach.

When Matt got down on bended knee — chivalry is not dead! — the Brovertones (watching from a distance) erupted in enthusiastic cheers.

As the couple headed to the jetty for capture-the-moment selfies, the singers came over.

And offered a congratulatory serenade.

Matt Cook, Carrie Kleinman, April and the Brovertones

(Hat tip: Lisa Marie Alter)

7 responses to “A Love-ly Compo Serenade

  1. Congratulations to Matt and Carlie! I hope the stars continue to align for the rest of their future life together as it did on this special day when a Dartmouth a capella group just happened to be on the beach on a near-winter day when they got engaged!
    (Lisa Alter, you raised a nice young man to have done such a kind gesture– a romantic serenade — for this new couple!) . ~Kristan


  3. Way to go Jonathan ‼️🎶

  4. Sally Campbell Palmer.

    Love it!😍

  5. Another wonderful Westport story……thanks…..

  6. Andrew Colabella

    Was driving by as this was occurring and thought wow that is a well thought out plan to propose. I had NO idea this was unplanned! Only in Westport 🇺🇸

  7. Sounds just like something Jonathon would do! Congratulations to the happy (Staples) couple!