Our Long Parker Harding Nightmare Has Ended

(Photo/Chip Stephens)

11 responses to “Our Long Parker Harding Nightmare Has Ended


  2. 2 weeks. 2 weeks before that fire hydrant gets sheared off by a driver.

    • The fire hydrant was the first thing I zeroed in on also…
      Someone is either going to back into or front bump it very soon.
      It never crossed my mind that someone would shear it off. Goodness, I hope not.
      You have to be moving at fairly good speed to takes those out.
      This parking lot didn’t have many issues (fender benders, speeding or accidents) when everyone drove those barges of the ’60s and ’70s into the ’80s. It’s the modern car of today with all the fancy technology, sensors and cameras that everyone has more accidents and issues. Go figure….

  3. Genius.

  4. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Wow! So many more parking spaces available now!

  5. yay for aesthetics!

    • Yeah! Talk about aesthetics…it’s going to be the coolest fountain in all of Fairfield County.Ann!!! John McCarthy has predicted 2 weeks. Unless, public works plans on placing metal pylons embedded ASAP, I give it less time than that! Imagine if it happens in a deep freeze. We could have our own “Rockefeller Center” twinkly lights and all down by the river.

  6. The parking lot looks fabulous now from all angles.
    The contractors did a very nice job.

  7. Michelle Benner

    What a difference no dumpster makes!

  8. Michael Calise

    Great place for an 800 square foot restroom!