Misty Mae Finds A Home

Last summer, “06880” ran a story on Misty Mae.

The old, blind, long-haired chihuahua was found in a beat-up dog carrier on a Winslow Park bench.

Westport Animal Control, Schulhof Animal Hospital, and Westport Animal Shelter Advocates came to the rescue. They sheltered, treated and loved the abandoned animal.

Kayla Damiano with Misty Mae. She set up a GoFundMe page that raised $1200 for the dog’s eye and dental work.

Then they searched for a loving home.

The other day, WASA president Julie Loparo reported success.

Volunteers drove to Enfield, near the Massachusetts border. They met the couple who will adopt Misty Mae.

They’re skilled and knowledgeable in the care of special needs dogs (they already have 3). Their home is warm and inviting.

Later this month, WASA funds surgery for Misty Mae. After recovering at Schulhof, she heads to her new home.

Julie says: “Unfortunately, Misty Mae was not the first dog abandoned in Westport. She won’t be the last. But we thank Westport for helping us in our efforts to help dogs like her.”

3 responses to “Misty Mae Finds A Home

  1. Westport Animal Shelter Advocates(WASA) is a hell of an outfit with a single mission of helping dogs and dog owners in need. The outfit, often with the generous help of Schulhof Animal Hospital, has fostered and placed many abandoned and or abused dogs. It deserves all of our support with donations mailed to WASA at 1 Tower Ridge here in town.

  2. What a wonderful story, kindness does abound 🌻

  3. Susie Valentine Collins

    Patience, all things in good time. WASA backs their dogs “until”. This is a holiday inspiration for certain.