Pic Of The Day #578

At the Westport Post Office: Which one is it? It can’t be both! (Photo/Dan Woog)

11 responses to “Pic Of The Day #578

  1. Or USPS surmises that service dogs will be grateful for being excluded.

  2. Arline Gertzoff


  3. Dorothy Abrams

    Why make an issue when the meaning was clear?

  4. Service Dogs are welcome because that’s Federal law.

  5. Not all dogs are service dogs that are trained for the task. Some are simply lovable pets so I assume that is the difference.

  6. I think Dan’s point was simply that “No” dogs means NO dogs. It should say:
    “Service dogs Only” or some less exclusionary statement than NO DOGS.

  7. Yes it can be! Haha! Service dogs are highly trained working dogs and holy moly you wouldnt believe they are better behaved than all kids and most adults! For those that have a disability, they cannot go anywhere without them.

  8. I posted this on my Instagram last year. It annoys me every time I go in there.

  9. Dan is right, the sign is at war with itself as the top statement is absolute in its scope and thus may not be modified or qualified by the second statement; service dogs are a subset of dogs. The same faulty logic would produce this sign: No Humans Allowed. Children Welcome.

  10. Michael Calise

    Emblematic of Government – It takes two of everything to do the job of one.

    • That’s why we have a pilot and a co- pilot on airlines. Sometimes it takes two to do the job of one.