Field Hockey, Soccer State Finals Moved To Sunday

The Staples field hockey and girls soccer teams have one more day to prepare for their state championship games.

Snow pushed the 2 finals back to Sunday.

The field hockey title contest versus Cheshire is now set for November 18, 12:30 p.m. at Wethersfield High School.

The girls soccer match is also Sunday, 3 p.m. at West Haven High School.

One thing hasn’t changed: Westport’s excitement and support as these 2 great teams go for the gold.

The Staples girls soccer team celebrates after beating Glastonbury in the state tournament semifinals.

The Staples High School field hockey team.

4 responses to “Field Hockey, Soccer State Finals Moved To Sunday

  1. Hi Dan,

    Still no mention of the boys cross country championships…?

    • You mentioned it in your previous comment, Doug. As I explained to you several times, I very seldom cover sports. I do NOT report on all championships, unless there is a compelling back story. The two girls’ teams — with their dramatic runs through the tournaments — have captured many fans’ imaginations. Soccer and field hockey are great spectator sports, drawing fans beyond parents.

      Staples’ cross country teams have had fantastic success for years. They are jewels in our school’s athletic department. The runners train very hard, sacrifice a lot, and are superb athletes. I have reported on them in the past, with several articles on Henry Wynne and Hannah DiBalsi, among others.

      I also did a feature on Laddie Lawrence in July:

      I featured Luis Cruz, who rose from obscurity to fame thanks to the cross country and track program:

      I did a story on Malik Brantley, who had a very successful career at Staples (and is now back coaching):

      I’ve covered record-setting meets before, and given shout-outs to the cross country, indoor and outdoor teams.

      “06880” is a blog, not a newspaper. I do my best to be fair to everyone. But I have limited space, and make the best editorial judgments I can. I know I won’t please everyone.

      Congrats to the cross country team on another fine season. And just remember: You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

  2. J Scott Broder

    Congrats to Staples Field Hockey 🏑 and Soccer ⚽️ teams both exceptional seasons.

    Go Blue in the Finals💥❗️

    Kudos Dan in your well written reply re: Boys across Country.
    Go Boys Cross Country❗️

  3. You Go Girls!