Unsung Hero #74

Pamela Einarsen moved to Westport 26 years ago. She was pregnant with her first child. She and her husband Paul raised 2 boys here.

A former oncology nurse, Pam switched careers in 1998. She started a photography business in her home. With Paul by her side, and sons Connor and Carson as assistants, it’s grown to 2 studios. Clients adore her wonderful eye and attention to detail, and return year after year.

Pamela Einarsen loves photographing children and families. 

As she did in her oncology work, Pam connects with people. She learns their stories, then tells them through photographs. She is creative, warm and loving.

Pam Einarsen is also giving. Every year, she donates her time and talents to worthy organizations and causes: A Better Chance of Westport. Staples Tuition Grants. Al’s Angels. The Westport Library. Near & Far Aid. Westport Animal Shelter Advocates.

Pam has photographed many local favorites, like Paul Newman, Michel Nischan, Maxine Bleiweis and Bill Derry. Her A-list of celebrities includes Alan Alda, Salman Rushdie and Deepak Chopra.

For the Westport Library’s “I Geek…” series, Pamela Einarsen photographed Miggs Burroughs wearing a t-shirt with the Westport flag he designed. 

Fellow photographer Katherine Bruan — who nominated Pam as this week’s Unsung Hero — says, “I’ve never met anyone who enjoys her work more. Every new client brings a new experience and a new story. Pam comes back from her shoots exhilarated, every single time. She appreciates life, and loves connecting with people so she can document their stories.

“Pam uses her photography to help people chronicle their lives and experiences. She captures the moments that matter, and sees everyone as beautiful and necesssary. Her photographs are priceless. It’s a gift to love your work as much as she does.”

For her 20 years photographing Westporters — and giving back to us all, through so much superb pro bono work — Pam Einarsen is this week’s Unsung Hero.

Picture that!

Pamela Einarsen

15 responses to “Unsung Hero #74

  1. What a great choice! Yay for Pam, one of the nicest, most generous people around!

  2. Toni Simonetti

    And she’s a pretty good bridge player!! Congratulations Pam!

  3. A very talented portrait photographer. Her Geek library pics were memorable.
    BTW she looks pretty good in front of the camera too.

  4. Congratulations Pam! Well deserved!

  5. Martha Spiegel

    Hi Dan, A very special lady indeed.

    Pamela also donated her time and taught our participants photography classes. She taught 4 classes and did so with humor, grace and creativity.

    Thank you for this Dan.

  6. Pam is a gem.

  7. Robbie Guimond

    Such a nice lady, Pam would come up onto our porch to see our boxer “Pete” , we would leave treats for her to win him over, didn’t take long. Congrats Pam!

  8. Pam has generously taken photos of the A Better Chance scholars for many years. We use the photos for our website, holiday card, townwide mailing and other public relations materials. She connects with the boys and remembers them each year. This is a well deserved unsung hero award. Congratulations Pam!

  9. Pam’s generous spirit brings out the best in people and it shows in her work. People look better in her photographs than they do in real life!! Bravo Pam!!

  10. Great photographer, great artist , great mom. All around fantastic person

  11. Carson Einarsen

    Best mom too. Just saying.

  12. ^ Carson’s comment for the win! My husband Vijay and I adore Pam! And her husband Paul helped save my digital photos when they were scrambled after a hard drive fail. Thank you for your sunny gifts to our lives and our community, Pam & Paul & Connor & Carson!

  13. Michele Mitnick

    As co-president of a Better Chance of Westport, I have gotten to know Pam through the photo shoots she has done with our scholars. She is an amazing and generous photographer! I met Pam many years ago when we were both new in town and I have known since then what a nice and caring person she is also. Kudos Pam for being honored for who you are- well deserved! Thank you for everything you do for our community!

  14. I’ve gotta agree with Carson, as well — because Pam and Paul have raised a couple of amazing young men. And some of Pam’s gorgeous photos — mostly done for fundraisers — have graced my house for years. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who’s nicer, or more talented!

  15. Great choice! Pam and Paul are definitely unsung hero’s! It was Pam’s images that inspired my own journey into photography. I was introduced to Pam and Paul through a mutual friend and they couldn’t have been more helpful and giving with their time and words of advice! I only lived in Westport for two years but I saw then how much the community loved Pam’s images and how the connection with her subjects shone through in her stunning portraits.