Happy November 12!

Yesterday was Veterans Day. We’re still a week and a half from Thanksgiving.

But CVS already rolled out its first Santa Claus of the season.

Many others — and Christmas music, holiday advertising and every other marketing tool known to man — can’t be far behind.

I want to get into the spirit.

Really, I do.

But I gotta say: That’s one of the saddest looking Santas I’ve ever seen.

6 responses to “Happy November 12!

  1. Ann Marie Flynn

    Wonder what we can do to cheer him up…..We could sit on his knee (ouch) if he had a chair! And tickle his beard!

  2. Stop & Shop put out their Christmas displays on November 1, the day after Hallowe’en.

  3. It’s all a big “Bah. Humbug” for our Feliz Navidad Family until AFTER Thanksgiving, thank you very much….just sayin’

    • Well your family is absolutely one of the most accredited authorities on the Christmas holidays after all! …just saying! Thanks for setting the record straight! I agree with you 100% that it all needs to start after Thanksgiving…not Halloween!

  4. He doesn’t want to be there either! too early….

  5. It looks as though Christmas threw up in Michaels