Bert’s Firewood

Bert Porzio is one of Westport’s all-around good guys.

The tree service owner lends a hand — no questions asked — in emergencies large and small. He helps families in need, Little League fields — you name it, Bert’s there.

With all those trees, it’s no surprise that a side gig is selling firewood. For years, customers picked up cords at the Mobil Self-Serve next to Barnes & Noble. Many say it’s the best wood around.

Unfortunately, the gas station closed earlier this fall. With winter near, what’s a Westporter to do?

Lloyd Allen to the rescue!

The owner of Double L Farm Stand less than a mile west of the Mobil station told Bert he’s happy to sell his firewood.

It’s a warm win-win for everyone.

Bert Porzio at the Double L Farm Stand

5 responses to “Bert’s Firewood

  1. This man and his entire family are among the very best people we’ve ever met. I mean, EVER met.

    He deserves your business.

  2. Amen to that Susan. Bert came to our rescue after Irene….never sent a bill…wouldn’t take anything. Wonderful young man (and his family too!!!)

  3. Bert is the best! I’ve seen his kindness and generosity in action. (And his tree work is always professional and well-priced too!)

  4. Bert and Lloyd are Westport Cornerstone’s

  5. Two awesome people. Burt’s firewood is seasoned and burns. Agree with all of the comments above.

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