Trevor Noah Is Out Tomorrow. But Whoopi Goldberg In In!

Trevor Noah was the highly anticipated featured star at tomorrow’s Anti-Defamation League “Voices: A Show of Unity” fund-raiser and community celebration. (Sunday, November 11, 5 p.m., Klein Auditorium, Bridgeport; click here for more details.)

But the “Daily Show” host bruised his vocal chords. He canceled all performances until Monday.

The ADL is used to dealing swiftly with crises. True to form, they scoured the country and found a fantastic replacement: Whoopi Goldberg.

The actress/comedian/author/television host will fill in.

The show will go on. And it will be a great one.

(A few tickets remain. Click here to purchase.)

Whoopi Goldberg

34 responses to “Trevor Noah Is Out Tomorrow. But Whoopi Goldberg In In!

  1. I am still so excited and feel fortunate to be going.

  2. Amazing, hire a hateful individual for the ADL, !!!

  3. Whoopi Goldberg – born Caryn Elaine Johnson – claims she chose the first part of her stage name after the the gag device that makes a fart sound when you sit on it.

    As for following the fart-sound maker with “Goldberg,” she doesn’t say why she chose it, but I assume for the perceived comic shock value of a black African-American Christian going by a stereotypical Jewish name .

    Comedians are allowed to be push the limits of irreverence and bad taste.
    Many white and many Jewish comedians push those limits much farther than does Ms. Goldberg — but you don’t see the likes of Daniel Tosh or Jackie Mason invited to headline a fundraiser for the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith!

  4. Whoopi Goldberg “A show of unity”…Really? No thanks..

  5. Sharon Paulsen

    Wow, what a fantastic “get” at the last minute!

    She has a very level headed approach to insights regarding humanity in general, and certainly has a progressive approach to questioning our politics and society.

    But she also calls for and allows an ear to her conservative cohorts, currently on The View.

    Her fame is sprung from the “interesting” times of 1970’s and 80’s “new” humor.

    Her quirkiness was a genius slot, in between Robin Williams and Billy Crystal, during the days of the “Johnny Carson” style fundraiser events (albeit bigger, in an Oscar like fashion, but still down to earth, and healing with humor).

    This is my off the cuff minutiae of a much broader perspective of what she brings (and has contributed) to the table of our society.

    I find any negativity toward her quite simply beyond comprehension (if I’m reading the room right, tonight).

  6. Why anyone would disparage Whoopie is completely beyond me.

  7. No thanks

  8. Excellent Whoopi! We know we can count on you for a laugh. Peace and Blessings!

  9. I truly respect & admire Whoopi Goldberg. This country needs more people like her who stand up to the racist hate mongers that have been crawling out from under their rocks since that miserable excuse of a human being took office. Keep strong Ms. Goldberg we love & need you!!!

    • Amanda Spezzano

      She is the most racist hate-filled person I have seen on TV what are you talking about

    • Karen Tolleson

      I Really Do Believe You Need Her Because You Sound Like A Weak Snowflake And That Loud Mouth Racist Can Make You Feel More Powerful Right?

  10. …I can’t see W.G. replacing anyone or anything except maybe a toilet bowl brush?

  11. Whoopi cushin is a black supremacist BIT_H in disguise. Only the very weak & the very stupid listen to what that thing has to say. This world has gone to the sewer & whoopi helped take it there. The United States will never be the good way it was before the IDIOT demacrates ruined it. I wish we could go back to the early 70’s to early 80’s . Those were great days to live in . Now there are no good days anymore. Until we succeed on removing the corrupt demacratic party this country is doomed for complete failure . whoopi cushin DOES NOT & WILL NEVER represent Millions & Millions of good, decent, honest, respectable, hard working, caring, law abiding U.S. BORN CITIZEN’S. All of us that are republican ARE NOT RACIST like she is.

  12. Anti-defamation league??? What makes WG eligible to run this gathering ?? Is she teaching or learning?!?👳🏻‍♀️😎

  13. Amanda Spezzano

    So you’re just subbing out one racist POS for another racist POS good job

  14. I love Whoopi she is the best! I wish I could meet her some day. I respect her as much as Lady Di and President Obama. She is a great lady. The type of person you wish you knew personally!

  15. Whoopi has nothing to offer except angry, bitter ugliness as she talks down to anyone with a desire to keep the country peaceful. Her antics are totally aggressive towards any person whom doesn’t follow her beliefs. Instead of trying to bring the country together and make us strong, Whoopi chooses to not listen to reason, but viciously attack anyone with a conservative thought.

  16. I will make sure I don” watch. Trump in 2020. Yes.

  17. Karen Tolleson

    Whoopi Is The Biggest Racist On The View And Since This Is A Liberal Production I Guess She’s Your Best Pick!

  18. Alafair Hilliard Joned

    The you Whoopi

  19. Peter Gambaccini

    Where’s the woodwork most of these commenters came from? Is it Westport? Hmm.

    • I don’t think so. Judging by the statistics I’m seeing, this must have been picked up by a national outlet — or else a lot of people search for either Trevor Noah or Whoopi Goldberg, and find this. This story has the most views of anything I’ve ever written, and I sure don’t know why.

  20. Renee Cunningham

    I went to Las Vegas to see Whoopi Goldberg on Nov. 9th but the show was cancelled.So disappointed. GA is a long way, so when your in the Southeast again, let me know

  21. you did not miss anything..can not stand the loud mouth bitch

  22. Adrian J Little

    i cannot believe these are Westport residents making these ugly angry comments.
    Disagreement is part of democracy but this level of vitriol has no place and serves no purpose other than to divide, alienate and separate us.
    If 06880 is being trolled then this is a scary demonstration of just
    how easy it is for the internet to spread hate

    Dan can you see where these racist comments are originating from?

    • I believe my story was re-posted on a right-wing blog. I left them up to show what’s out there. Now I’m shutting down comments.

  23. Alfredo Johanssen

    Why would anyone want to hear this racist pig?

  24. Dan – how can you allow these hate-filled racist posts to remain on your blog?