Pic Of The Day #570

Not the best advice in the world (Photo/Miggs Burroughs)

9 responses to “Pic Of The Day #570

  1. Fred Hyman , Staples 1949

    The Rock is hiding “LIVE HERE”
    This sign is in several neighborhoods.

  2. Dick Lowenstein

    It’s a common sign and the bottom line, which is not shown, says, “lived here”

  3. Of course. It was a joke.

  4. Ann Marie Flynn

    Has any one seen the sign that says “drive like your dog lives here”….that’s around too!

    • Sharon Paulsen


      Or a sign that’s states: I don’t even think about driving at all, because I am a cat! Where’s my dinner, and oh … the litter box seems skanky, my human slave.

  5. LOL

  6. Michael Ronemus

    Thanks for a good smile Dan

  7. Ruth N Donohue

    Maybe the meant to say, “Drive like your kids rock!”

  8. Edward C Saenz

    It will be sad not to have a First Night as my family has attended everyone in Wedtport. My son’s enjoyed and now my grandson enjoys attending the different events of First Night. We will miss the event as we hope it can still survive