Polls Are Open!

Many people have many reasons to vote today.

But as I drove to my polling place this morning, I realized there is one that unites every American.

I vote at Town Hall. It sits handsomely on a hill, directly across from Veterans Green.

That small park is filled with statues and plaques honoring men and women killed in war.

They fought — and died — for our right to do what we’re doing today.

Let’s make sure their sacrifices were not in vain.

(If you’re a Connecticut resident, click here for your polling place.)

Voting was steady early this morning at Town Hall.

6 responses to “Polls Are Open!

  1. David Squires


  2. Gil Ghitelman

    In the words of Chicago mayor Richard Daley: “Vote early and vote often.”
    I wish I could.

  3. John McCarthy

    Oh, is that today? 🙂

  4. I agree with your sentiment Dan – I have never put my own life on the line for my country, in fact I really only do ONE thing [voluntarily] for my country – vote. While I certainly view voting as a privilege, it is also a fulfillment of my duty as an American citizen.

    And let’s thank all of the volunteers who work the polling stations – your community service is much appreciated

  5. A great for America. The right to vote. After all the noise and banners and signs, we are given the freedom to decide on our future today. It’s a wonderful day for all Americans. God Speed CT.