Okay, Downtown Doubters. See You Saturday Night For “Supper & Soul.”

Yesterday’s opinion piece by David Waldman — lamenting all the negativity about downtown, urging Westporters to focus on the many positive aspects — drew plenty of comments.

Among the strongest voices was Matthew Mandell’s. That’s no surprise: As executive director of the Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce, he’s got one of the biggest dogs in this fight.

He’s also got one of his signature events to promote. And it’s coming up this Saturday (November 10).

“Supper & Soul” is a clever concept. For one $75 ticket, you get a 3-course dinner, a fantastic show, then happy hour pricing for after-concert drinks.

Mandell has lined up 7 excellent (and varied) restaurants for the meal and post-show festivities: 190 Main, Amis, Jesup Hall, Matsu Sushi, Rothbard Ale + Larder, Spotted Horse and Tavern on Main.

All are within walking distance of Seabury Center on Church Lane — where Kasey Tyndall performs at 8 p.m.

Rolling Stone called her the #1 new country act to see last year — adding that she’s “a hard rock-country badass with the best song about a watering hole.”

So, to all of you who complain that there’s nothing to do downtown after dark. Or that downtown needs a jolt of energy. Or whatever.

Buy a ticket to “Supper & Soul.” Eat, drink, and kick ass with Kasey.

(Click here for tickets, and more information on Supper & Soul. There’s even a link to discount babysitters!)

3 responses to “Okay, Downtown Doubters. See You Saturday Night For “Supper & Soul.”

  1. Yes if you have an easy $ 75 .. and husband/wife $ 150?? Really

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  2. $75/pp includes both dinner (drinks and tip extra) and concert. Kasey Tyndall concert even includes Westport’s own Jonathan Saxon as an opening act. For dinner and a concert this seems like a more than reasonable price.

  3. This was a great concert – Kasey Tyndall is a dynamite young performer and her show along with dinner made for an enjoyable evening. She also had a great little band with her, and it was a nice touch bringing a talented local singer on as opening act. This Supper and Soul program is good for our community, and I hope we support it. The cost seemed quite reasonable.