Unsung Heroes #72

When you and I go to the polls next Tuesday*, we’ll zip in and out of there in a few minutes.

It’s a wonderful ritual: We exercise a right countless Americans have fought and died for. We buy coffee and cookies to support the PTA. Then we’re gone, to take care of our usual business.

But Election Day doesn’t just happen.

It works like clockwork** only because of the hard work of dozens of men and women.

We see some of them: the poll workers — Democrats and Republicans — who spend 14 hours sitting at a table, methodically checking (and double-checking) every voter who comes in.

A soothingly familiar scene, year after year in Westport.

They solve problems. They thank us for voting. And they do it thoroughly, professionally, and with great good humor.

Their own spouse might come in. The routine does not vary. “ID, please,” they say.

They’re aided by ballot watchers. It’s mind numbing. They stare intently as voter after voter walks up, pushes a ballot into the machine, and leaves.

Some folks need help. Others need reassurance that their vote will be counted. Hour after after, the ballot watchers are there.

Of course, the backbone of the operation is the Registrar of Voters office. There’s a ton of work that goes on behind the scenes. Republicans and Democrats work side by side to make it happen.

Registrars of both parties work together to enroll new voters.

So next Tuesday, when you vote***, take an extra second or two to thank all the often-anonymous, always-conscientious, vitally important people who make it happen.

You might even buy them a coffee or cookie.

* You are voting, right?!

** In Westport, anyway

*** Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.!

8 responses to “Unsung Heroes #72

  1. Perfect choice.


  3. Dorothy Abrams

    A wonderful, satisfying job. And a good way to meet people.


  4. Totney Benson

    How about we vote for who we think are the best candidates, regardless of political party?

  5. Thank you, Dan, for recognizing these wonderful Westporters! Every election, so many of us look forward to seeing these familiar faces that are so helpful and professional at the polls. Our Registrars of Voters and their team are excellent!

  6. Our registrars, Marla Cowden and Kevin White, as well as their part-time office staff work long hours weeks before Election Day, on November 6th, and the days after the election to ensure a fair and legal election. There are checks, double checks, and triple checks of the ballots, the tabulators, and so much more for each polling place. Setup at each polling place takes an entire day before election day. Poll workers are trained according to the latest edicts of the Secretary of State. The registrars provide staff from both parties to assist voters at Westport Rehab Complex. We are blessed to have bright and energetic registrars, Marla and Kevin, in our town. Let’s not forget our Town Clerk Patty Strauss and her team who accept absentee ballots, and work hand in hand with Marla and Kevin.

  7. Great job to all the poll workers and Marla and Kevin