Ella Berg’s Handy Voting Guide

The 2018 election is around the corner. The men and women we choose for jobs like governor, US senator and congressman, and state senator, representative, comptroller and attorney general will make decisions in Washington and Hartford that impact all of our lives in Westport.

News comes at us from countless sources. But how do we figure out what’s real or fake? Meaningful or fluff? How do we make informed decisions?

Ella Berg wants to help.

Ella Berg

The Staples High School junior spent 6 months researching and creating an online election primer. It offers links on registration and voting, plus short, factual descriptions of the positions of candidates on this year’s ballot.

All information was taken from campaign websites and candidates’ social media pages. It’s easily accessible, and completely non-partisan.

The League of Women Voters always produces an informative guide too, of course. But theirs is not out yet.

So click here to get started with Ella’s.

And — on November 6 — make the most informed choices you can.

10 responses to “Ella Berg’s Handy Voting Guide

  1. Andrew Colabella


  2. Arline Gertzoff

    This is excellent as there are no longer postcards sent out reminding people where to vote All is now online and from the political parties JUST GET OUT AND VOTE

  3. Ella’s guide has good intentions but is seriously flawed in that it omits any candidates who are not Democrats or Republicans. For Governor, Oz Griebel has polled at 11% and, by most accounts, won the two debates he was included in with Lamont and Stefanowski. For any voter to really make an informed decision, info on Oz Griebel for Governor should be included.

  4. I do wish the town will send postcards. Again I guess thats what we get with jim Marpe in office he rather spend money on who no’s right um maybe if he treats the peaple that work for him better that clean the roads and police them I would love to no what happend with the dead mans creak grant jim

  5. Thank you Ella for the guide and Dan for publicizing it.

  6. Damn, here I was just going to base my vote on the amount of yard signs for each candidate on each intersection in town.

  7. Thanks Ella good job doing what the town is not doing

  8. Mary Cookman Schmerker Staples '58

    Just think, Ella is only a High School Junior…imagine the future she has ahead of her. We will be hearing about her in the years to come. Thank you Ella.

  9. Thank you Ella! You clearly care deeply about our government and the election process. Keep it up! Thank you Dan Woog for publicizing Ella’s efforts to educate us all.

  10. Stephanie Bass

    Am I right in understanding that these position are what the candidates state — not their track record or what they can deliver?

    (this in no way denegrates the job Ella has done; just want to clarify the information I receive before I act on it — altho the kindda negative on Republicans…..