Cori’s Handbags

I know a little about a lot of things.

I know nothing about luxury handbags. But, I’m told, Welden Bags are big.

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what their promotional video says:

The unique hand-weaving techniques developed by Welden artisans have been honed for decades and passed down from generation to generation. In an industry dominated by machines, the team at Welden was inspired to protect the legacy of this time-honored craft and the exceptional care and dedication of its artisans.

However, this isn’t a story about handbags. It’s about one of the women behind the handbag company.

Of course, she’s a Westporter.

Cori Caputo is a product of Kings Highway Elementary, Bedford Middle and Staples High Schools (Class of 1994), she headed to Fashion Institute of Technology for a short stint, while still living at home.

In her early 20s she moved to New York. She worked her way up from sales to buyer at Intermix, then ran Mulberry’s wholesale North America division.

She got married in 2010, had a baby and — now known as Cori Caputo Adams — moved back to Westport in 2013.

She worked from home, running a small California handbag brand. She met Sandy Friesen in 2016, while chatting with a fellow mom in her daughter’s ballet class.

Sandy was looking to expand the business she’d founded: Welden Bags. Cori soon partnered with her.

Cori Caputo Adams

Her 2nd baby arrived the next year. But — still working from  home — Cori helped launch Welden’s China market, with retail giant Alibaba.

As I said, I’m not a handbag type of guy. But I’ve been told Cori is “an exceptional Westporter, mom at home raising 2 kids, wife, business lady, all around person, and a total kick-butt product of our ‘system.'”

Gotta hand it to her!

(Hat tip: Lindsay Shurman)

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  1. Flav Freedman

    As a fellow classmate of Cori’s (class of 94 at Staples), it was great hearing what she’s been up to. Congratulations on all of your success and good luck with your future endeavors!