Voter Registration Deadlines Near

The Registrars of Voters office (Room 107, Town Hall) is open Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., for voter registration.

October 30 is the deadline for these registrations for the November 6 state election:

November 5 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Town Hall) is the deadline for in-person registration by residents who meet the following criteria:

Between October 30, and November 6, 2018:

  • Achieved the age of 18
  • Moved to Westport
  • Achieved citizenship
  • Are a member or family member of the armed services.

Questions? Call 203-341-1115 or click here.

NOTEVoters whose normal polling place is Coleytown Middle School will vote this year at Coleytown Elementary School.

11 responses to “Voter Registration Deadlines Near


    • Yes, please help to keep Connecticut one of the most poorly run states in the nation…

    • Michael Calise

      That sounds interesting. So if I register and vote blue without any other information what am I helping to promulgate?

  2. Will the town be sending out some kind of mailer regarding the change of voting venue for people who usually vote at Coleytown Middle? I’m glad you posted the info, but not everyone reads 06880. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t read it, but I suppose there may be a few. And they don’t know what they are missing!! So, thanks for posting this important information.

  3. Dan, Terrific piece

    I’m going to be with the staff at Town Hall on Election Day making new voters. I am psyched!

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  4. Sharon Paulsen

    GOTV everyone!

    A balance of “power” needs to occur in all levels of government, ASAP!

    So let’s “clean house” everyone and get our republic aligned with democracy again!

    (Yup, blue-waver here, but a very level headed one, looking for fresh new faces on both sides of the aisle … a mini utopia I’m hoping for … ‘cuz we really need it!)

    • Peter Gambaccini

      Well, in Connecticut’s governor’s and congressional races this November, “clean house” and being a “blue-waver” are sort of contradictory, are they not?

      • Michael Calise

        Sure Are!

      • Sharon Paulsen

        Ah, I see what you did there.

        My comment was meant to be inclusive, in a general sense, because I believe corrections need to occur on both sides.

        Being a “blue waver” here doesn’t necessarily mean I support a bad Dem, or not support a good Republican.

        But at the moment, it’s overwhelmingly obvious that what is occurring in our government has provided a magnifying glass of epic proportions, as to what doesn’t serve us anymore.

        Because I fall into a camp of progressive thinking, I am staying true to what that means, for me, in terms of “progress”, of critical thinking, and remaining open minded along the way.

        I am sincere in this … no snark or hidden agenda in my reply. Just felt a need to communicate … be clearer about what I’ve said.

  5. There is also same day Election Day registration and voting. But due to the long ballot and time to complete it, I’d advise registering before October 30th if you could.

  6. Heather Talbott

    Voting for CMS polling place WILL be at Coley Elementary per town registrar. Unclear how theya re relaying this to the public. I called them to inquire.