Mystery Object #10

If there’s one thing Westport has plenty of*, it’s women’s shoe stores.

Back in the day though, we** made our own shoes.

To do so, we needed a leather punch.

This tool was used to punch leather to make shoes. Made of cast iron, its beveled edge at the base cut through the leather when a hammer struck the top of the handle. A cobbler then used those pieces of leather — along with those of other shapes — to construct shoes.

The leather punch was part of the Westport Historical Society’s ongoing “Westport in 100 Objects” exhibit. Every 2 weeks there’s a new mystery object. If you stop in and identify it, you can win something from the gift shop.

There was no winner this time.

besides banks and nail spas.

**okay, our ancestors

2 responses to “Mystery Object #10

  1. Willy Maliszewski

    Shoe stores on Main Street: The Imelda Marcos factor.

  2. Jill Turner Odice

    Having worked in leather shops for years, I knew what it was right away 🙂