Hangin’ With Paul Newman

Throughout the summer, anyone visiting the Westport Farmers’ Market could hang out with Paul Newman.

Sure, one of our most famous and beloved neighbors died 10 years ago this past Wednesday.

But we’ll never forget him.

And to make sure, Newman’s Own Foundation — the Westport-based charity that in over 35 years has given away more than $530 million — sent a video crew to the Thursday market to record our memories of him.

In typical fun Newman fashion, they provided a cardboard cutout of the movie star/race car driver/philanthropist (and Farmers’ Market co-founder) — famous blue eyes and all.

Westporters described seeing him around town, including at Hay Day and descending in a helicopter onto the Coleytown Junior High School soccer field. (Hey, that’s me talking!).

Michel Nischan — Newman’s co-founder of both the Dressing Room restaurant and Westport Farmers’ Market — said of the now thriving market, “Like everything he touched, it turned to gold. And this is the leading example of Paul Newman being alive and well, through the spirit of his great work.”

The video will be shared by Newman’s Own Foundation on social media.

Or you can just click below:

4 responses to “Hangin’ With Paul Newman

  1. Captures the spirit of Paul.

  2. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    Dan, I’m sure you remember when during the “drug crisis” amid concern about drug abuse he came to Staples to talk to our entire school in assembly and illustrated the potential tragedy of using drugs with the story of his only son’s death. Paul truly cared about everything and everyone. At the same time he was a modest man and went about his many passions with a focus on doing not talking.

    • Eric, I do not recall Paul coming to talk to our school in assembly. But if he did, it couldn’t have been related to his son’s death. That happened a number of years after we had graduated.

  3. Dan, thanks for sharing this with all your 06880 readers…I live in Florida now and it was a wonderful to be able to see this video from here…You do a great service to Westporters both current and former in keeping us all informed about our hometown..

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