Pics Of The Day #526

It wasn’t Hurricane Florence or Harvey. We’re not the Carolinas or Houston. We did not get 30 or 40 inches of rain, over several days.

But the few inches that fell today — in a torrent, from 2 to 6 p.m. — caused havoc throughout town.

If you were out in it — on the jam-packed Post Road, or side streets that turned into raging rivers — you know what it was like.

If you stayed dry inside — and hopefully your basement is still okay — here’s what you missed.

One side of Main Street …

… and the other. (Main Street photos/Susan Shuldman)

The view from Myrtle Avenue to Sconset Square …

… and Myrtle Avenue got worse, a short time later. (Photos/Joyce Joiner)

Post Road East was impassible, near Bay Street, Myrtle Avenue and Imperial Avenue. (Photo/Jacques Voris)

A couple of miles away, this was the scene on South Morningside Drive. (Photo/Dylan Honig)

Here’s a problem on Quarter Mile Road, near Wilton Road …

… and the solution. (Photos/Alex Kuhner)

14 responses to “Pics Of The Day #526

  1. Vanessa Bradford

    Yikes! Almost seven inches plus

  2. Randy Herbertson

    My building at across from DWR (Post Road) got totally flooded… Dead Mans Brook was breached.

  3. I have a crazy idea.
    And, it might just be the Shiraz talking here.

    These flood areas have flooded before, yeah?
    Like, every heavy rain?
    Maybe (and here’s the crazy part) someone could think about doing something about the drainage in those areas, like, maybe, before they flood again?

    Just a thought…

    • Elizabeth Thibault

      They’ve drastically improved the drains in several areas, including the South Compo RR Underpass. It used to flood in normal rains, now it takes a deluge of an order of magnitude much larger. One problem is that heavy rains also wash debris into the road and clogs the drains. We saw this with the house under construction in front of the MinuteMan statue tonight, with so much runoff flooded into the roadway.

  4. Holy cow! Has that intersection by Greens Farms School flooded like that before? And the Post Road by the old Post Office? I just don’t recall seeing floods like that before?

    Was there some kind of record rainfall? (Should I have stayed in CA?)

    • Yes Sir Westport 7.32 inches. It was a deluge for Fairfield County…. I’m over here Norwalk exit 16 I-95 was closed. Then the closure went all the way back to exit 19. Roads were raging rivers. Streams became rivers. Stamford, Westport, Bridgeport, Fairfield Fire Departments were super busy rescuing people and using boats.
      This storm overwhelmed the drainage system all over Fairfield County and a good chunk of the state.

  5. What has happened to all the drainage and sewer projects that cost a fortune? I remember June of 72 when it rained for 29 days straight and the flooding wasn’t as bad as this one day. Something is definitely wrong. Hello DPW! I think some explanation is in order.

  6. Barbara Sherburne '67

    Wow. This is hard to believe. I have to agree with Seth Goltzer. Yeah, we got rain today, but it was not a hurricane.

    • Actually, 7.3 inches of rain in a few hours is more intense than we’ve seen here in a long time, even during hurricanes. But it’s not the rain that got us in Sandy, it was the storm surge backing up in Long Island Sound that wreaked havoc

  7. This is just what flooding looks like

    • And there’s not much you can do about in the downtown area – except never, ever forget that when FEMA labels your neighborhood a flash flood zone, it’s for real.

  8. I heard we received the most rainfall in the area at 7.5 inches?

  9. Yes. We had flooding in our basement

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  10. Our basement flooded. This does not happen in The Netherlands (where the coastal towns are all below sea level)