Unsung Heroes #66

Hundreds of Westporters enjoyed lobsters (and more) at last weekend’s annual Lobsterfest.

Hundreds more pack downtown every June for the Great Duck Race.

A few take advantage of a specialized wheelchair, to enjoy the sand and shore at Compo Beach.

All are events sponsored — and projects supported — by Westport’s 2 Rotary clubs.

One meets Tuesdays at noon, at Christ & Holy Trinity Church’s Branson Hall.

The Sunrise Rotary meets Fridays at 7:30 a.m., at the Westport Inn.

Both clubs are filled with busy Westporters, who nonetheless give astonishing amounts of time and energy to raise tons of money. Then they give it all away, to help people in town, across Connecticut, elsewhere in the US and around the world.

I am a huge fan of both the Sunrise and noontime Rotary Clubs. But I admit: I have a hard time keeping them apart.

No matter. Rotarians in both groups put aside their friendly (I think) rivalry, to support each other’s good works — and Rotary International in general.

You may have no idea that so much good comes out of so much hard work, by so many neighbors.

That’s why Westport’s 2 Rotary Clubs are this week’s Unsung Heroes.

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8 responses to “Unsung Heroes #66

  1. Right on Dan!

  2. Thanks Dan, appreciate your support

  3. Thank you for recognizing the work of Rotary. Rotary Iis a fun, community oriented organization. That is helping people all over the world. In a personal level, if it wouldn’t be be for Rotary, I would have not achieved the level of this amazing life I have today. We strive to elevate peoples lives. Very thankful for this amazing organization!!

  4. A Darcy Sledge

    The Rotary-backed Essex Exchange Program allowed my son to live in Brazil as a student for 10 months. The experiences and memories he brought back were invaluable. Thank you Westport Rotary!

  5. Eileen Lavigne Flug

    Dan, thank you so much for profiling Westport’s two Rotaries! We do have a fun rivalry: there’s the Westport Sunrise Rotary and the “Other Club.” But seriously, both clubs are full of great people having fun while doing good. And we both welcome guests and potential members! So feel free to come to both and see for yourself. I’m sure most Westporters will see at least one familiar face at each club meeting.
    Thanks again,
    President, Westport Sunrise Rotary

  6. Thanks Dan!

    It took about a minute after your post for Sunrise President Eileen Flug to email me about it. I think that shows how much we really do work together and have fun together.
    We are honored by your attention and hope more Westporters will join in the great camaraderie that is Rotary!

    Jeff Wieser
    Westport Rotary (“The Noon”) Club

  7. As a person who has been a member of BOTH the “noon” (Westport Rotary) and “breakfast” (Westport Sunrise Rotary) clubs, they are both great organizations. The “noon” club meets at Christ and Holy Trinity Church on Tuesdays at – ready for this? – noon. The “breakfast” club meets at the Westport Inn on Friday’s at 7:30 am.

    The “noon” club is best known for the LobsterFest event which happened last Saturday; the “breakfast” club is best known for the Great Duck Race that occurs in June. Both not only raise money for the Rotary Clubs to give away, but are great community events that bring awareness to the work that these clubs do directly as well as through donations to charities around the world.

    For me, being a member of Rotary not only helps me contribute to the world, but it’s a great way to have a connection to our community.

    If anyone is interested in becoming a Rotarian, contact them through their Web site: For Westport Rotary Club (“noon”), go to http://www.westportrotary.org/; for Westport Sunrise Rotary Club (“breakfast”), go to http://westportsunriserotary.org/.

  8. I learned about Rotary after hosting our first Youth Exchange student, Raquel Ferreira Lopes some 19 years ago. I later became a Rotarian and hosted another 4 students, it was an amazing experience for my family, teaching us to share and accept others. One of my children was able to live in Brazil for 10 months through the student exchange program. Rotary has taught us so much. It is the largest service organization in the world, we have many opportunities to work on both local and international charitable programs.