100 Teens, 370 Pounds Of Trash

Longshore is a beautiful park.

It’s well-cared-for, lovingly maintained — almost spotless.

Yet you’d be surprised what you’d find there.

Or rather, what the Assumption Church youth group and Staples High School AP Environmental Sciences classes found yesterday.

Over 100 teenagers gathered nearly 370 pounds of trash and debris. Their haul included plastic, golf balls (a huge maritime hazard), part of a car windshield (!), and what appeared to be a rusted piece of a large boat engine.

That last piece of junk was too heavy to carry. So 2 boys borrowed a cart from the E.R. Strait Marina, and added it to the items they disposed of.

The event was part of Save the Sound‘s Coastal Clean-Up Day.

Marine life, golfers, and everyone else in and around Longshore thanks all who helped!

A large tire was one small part of yesterday’s Longshore trash haul.

(Hat tip: Michele Harding)

5 responses to “100 Teens, 370 Pounds Of Trash

  1. Sally Campbell Palmer.

    Wonderful, thank you, Everyone should participate.

  2. Good work, Everyone. Thank you!

  3. Mary Cookman Schmerker SHS '58

    Bravo! Thank you!

  4. Any chance they snapped a photo of the engine? They borrowed our cart and we never got to see the engine! The boys were super enthusiastic. It was nice to see.

    Thank you, Jane

  5. Michele Harding

    Also- I was remiss and failed to mention that St Lukes Youth also showed up to help out! A terrific event with fantastic and enthusiastic young people!