Bikers Honor 9/11

Around noon today, more than 2,000 motorcyclists roared through Westport.

Police blocked all side roads, and waved the bikers through traffic lights. They sped up Saugatuck and Riverside Avenues, then along Wilton Road, on their noisy way from Norwalk to Bridgeport.

Some Westporters fumed at the delays.

Many others cheered.

The bikers were part of the CT United Ride. Held annually since 9/11, the event honors all the lives lost on that tragic day, 17 years ago.

It’s Connecticut’s largest 9/11 commemoration. And it’s a fundraiser, supporting state firefighters, law enforcement and United Way.

“06880” reader Susan Birk was caught in the traffic.

She did not mind one bit.

She says, “It was very moving. It was my pleasure to wait for them, watch, pray and remember.”

She took this photo from her rear view mirror. She particularly likes the family with the flag, near the train tracks. They too honor the many victims of 9/11.

(Photo/Susan Birk)

25 responses to “Bikers Honor 9/11

  1. I’m sure a lot of people think this is very patriotic, but for those of us who live on Wilton Road it’s a deafening and obnoxious nuisance. The noise is unbelievable- they add constant honking to the thunder of their motorcycle engines – and if you had to get out of your driveway while they’re riding by, forget about it! There are a lot of other more reflective and less public ally intrusive ways to remember the victims of 9/11 than making people deaf and trapped for over an hour.

    • I’m sorry for your dismay, but this noise is once a year, while listening to everyone’s landscapers is practically daily. And by the way, honking is a way to respond to all those who take a moment to remember.
      ,while keep their hands on the handle bars. For those who participated, they would understand how lovely it is to see people of ALL ages smiling and waving!

  2. The deafening noise is not limited to the CT United Ride. Those of us who live on roads favored by bikers hear it every weekend when there’s nice weather.

    Even though CT has a noise regulation limiting motorcycles to about 80db, most Harleys around here have modified exhausts that can be up to 100db — that’s 100 times louder than 80db, because decibels are indicated on a logarithmic scale.

    I have never once seen cops enforcing the noise reg (trucks and some cars routinely violate it too), and it is quite astounding that Law Enforcement participates in an even that so openly showcases lawbreaking.

  3. Seriously???? Boo hoo you 2.. my goddess bigger problems in our world !!

    • Michael Brady, I can’t agree more…..first world problems!…. and by the way how long does it take for 2000 bikes to pass by somebodies home, maybe 15 – 20 min and that one time a year, really? Some people always have to complain.

      • People here get so fired up over bad parking jobs, but this is far worse and impacts so many more people, between noise and environmental damage.

        Motorcycles collectively emit 16 times more hydrocarbons, three times more carbon monoxide and a disproportionately high amount of other air pollutants compared to passenger cars.

        And no, it’s not just 15-20 minutes. All morning long the bikers drove in the opposite direction towards the starting line — so people along Wilton Rd had to deal with the loud bikes for MANY hours. I’d much rather hear the white noise of leaf blowers; that constant humming is much easier to tune out than illegally modified bikes. Someone who modifies their exhaust does not care about others (or the law).

        • Seriously Mark Doran, you must be kidding.
          Two stroke lawn mowers and leaf blowers are far more dangerous for the environment.
          The two-stroke engine has developed a reputation as an environmental hazard. Because the engine lacks an independent lubrication system, fuel has to be mixed with oil. More important, about 30 percent of the fuel the engine uses fails to undergo complete combustion; as a result, the engine emits a number of air pollutants. Carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides and hydrocarbons escape from the engine in large quantities. Everyone knows the acute effects of carbon monoxide, but the other gases are equally worrisome. Both nitrous oxides and hydrocarbons contribute to smog formation. Hydrocarbons can be carcinogenic, and nitrous oxides can cause acid rain.
          Just go ahead and dream away with the humming sound of a leaf blower and don’t forget to inhale the pollutants…..oh I forgot, you probably have your Mexican gardener doing that for you.

        • Loud pipes save lives especially with all the texting going on. Nothing quiet sounds as sweet as a bunch of “potatoes masher” driving down the street for a good cause.

  4. Michael Calise

    Its once a year. The sounds and enthusiasm are great and I love it!

  5. Even if I don’t love the sound of a Harley (unless I am on the back of one!!!)….for this event, there are tears in my eyes and a smile that “we” can tribute the fallen in this way, in any way! The tribute is fleeting but the pain of this day is neverending for many. Such a sad day in our history. Bike on!

  6. Jennifer E Rankine

    It took about 15-20 minutes to watch thousands of riders go by, and it was fantastic. Well-organized, flag-waving, respectful bikers honoring the victims and heroes of 911, as well as raising money for firefighters, law enforcement and the United Way. It was a moving and inspiring tribute.

  7. Ive participated in this event, with my husband and friends, for the past 14 years. It is so important to remember those who parishes in 911. I have to say that each year I feel so moved at all the support, throughout the towns. Last year I was saddened to see a low amount of spectators in Westport, but this year was different! Every American flag waving along the road by a spectators, old and young, makes me realize that for a brief moment all out difference disappear. My only observation is that Westport is the only town who doesn’t provide “fly a flag”…and we do have a ladder track!

  8. Gerald F. Romano, Jr.

    Gerald F. Romano, Jr.

  9. Sharon Paulsen

    I love it!!

    Same ride up here in Trumbull, down Main Street, a block from my house.

    Everyone in the neighborhood always walks over to cheer on the bikers!

    It’s exciting to me … and a great tribute as well.

    (I usually wear a set of ear protecters though … it’s crazy loud for sure)

    • Sharon Paulsen

      I hit send before wanting to mention that my left ear can’t handle anything too loud … painful.

      But I do look silly with those protectors on! 😉

  10. Any way to remember and reflect on that horrendous day should be revered! A few minutes of noise and inconvenience is not a big price to pay to keep the awareness alive and the bonus of wonderful fund raising is an additional plus!

  11. I didn’t see or hear the bikers — I didn’t even know about the ride. But I can’t understand why anyone would object. It’s to commemorate the loss of 3,000 lives in the worst attack perpetrated on our country. In addition, it’s a fund raiser for worthy causes. If it inconvenienced you — TOUGH!

  12. Really?? people have an issue with this??

    Why not cancel the 4th of July events, how about the Memorial Day parade.. I sure it’s an inconvenience to someone out there

    For god sake people get a grip

  13. One of the bikers I saw was wearing and carrying a full Flag of the Confederacy.

  14. Poisonous chemicals…OH MY!…Fuel combustion ratio’s…OH MY!…My fragile ears heard a noise…OH MY!…For Christ sake folks get over yourselves. These bikers were here to HONOR our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters who were murdered by terrorists. Find something else to complain about.

  15. Methinks many of the biker supporters misunderstood. I think the CT United Ride is great, and whatever aid it provides to the 911 victim’s families is great too. I just think that motorcyclists should be required to obey the noise and other emissions laws, especially on the 364 days of the year that are not 9/11.