Friday Flashback #106

Another summer is nearly over. Kids no longer crowd the Longshore pool. A few older swimmers do their final laps, before it’s closed for the season.

Which makes this a great time to look back at the days when there was an actual high dive there.

Marie Corridon jumps off the Longshore high diving board in 1946. It was a private club then — but the high dive remained for years after 1960, when the town of Westport bought the property. (Photo courtesy of James Corridon)

It was imposing. Jumping off was a test of courage. It kept the lifeguards on their toes too.

When was the last time you saw a sight like this?

12 responses to “Friday Flashback #106

  1. Dan, I don’t look at this picture and think it’s a big deal. When my wife tells me to do something, I “ jump” like that all the time!

  2. I think I remember two boards one high the other low with a large wheel used to adjust the spring. I also believe it was a saltwater pool. Does anyone know when the board was removed?

  3. Is the Longshore pool still open?
    I thought it closed on Labor Day?
    Would be great if it still was!

  4. Charles Taylor

    When I lept off a 30 foot high dive in Germany! Ruined an Omega Speedmsster! What a memory!

  5. Daily.

    -Dan Vener
    Diving Coach, Fairfield University