Pic Of The Day #507

Today’s late afternoon thunderstorm, on Norwalk Avenue at Compo Beach (Photo/Betsy P. Kahn)

3 responses to “Pic Of The Day #507

  1. The approaching shelf cloud was amazing and quite intimidating up here in Trumbull this afternoon.

    I was running last minute errands when I saw what was like the “wizard of oz” dramatic-style storm developing in the skies.

    Lightening was unprecedented as well.

    Jumped off the floor when the closest strike I’ve ever encountered seemed to infiltrate my home, later on.

    Metal pans crashing was the sound. Thought, at first, that my oven exploded.

    This crazy storm cell was NOT predicted for that time-frame (5pm), according to my weather app.

    And the warning on directv, on TWC, was occurring in real time, during the storm, just before the satellite went out. But not a lot of headway before hand.


  2. Excellent. No more to be said.

  3. Photo nicely captures the drama of that storm. It was something to behold.

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