Photo Challenge #192

Nearly 7 years after his death, Kuti Zeevi is remembered well.

His family, friends and customers still grieve for the Israeli-born business owner and avid soccer player, killed during a robbery of his jewelry store on East Main Street.

And when last week’s Photo Challenge showed a plaque citing his generosity, kindness, openness, passion, liveliness, devotion and caring, “06880” readers quickly recognized “Kuti’s Way.”

It’s at the east end of Compo Shopping Center, next to Cohen’s Fashion Optical and the steps leading up to where he sold diamonds and other jewels.

Matt Murray, Fred Cantor, Jamie Walsh, Vanessa Bradford, Jessica Bram, Bobbie Herman, Michael Calise, Mary Ann Batsell and John Pollak all knew where to find Kuti: near his store.

And in our hearts.

Here’s this week’s Photo Challenge. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

19 responses to “Photo Challenge #192

  1. Riverside Ave.

  2. Rear of Klaff’s?

  3. Looking up from Winfield Street Deli (Arts) at corner of Post Road and 33?

  4. Sharon Paulsen

    Former Bedford Jr. High on Riverside Ave.?

  5. Agree with Tom Ryan. Looking up from 13 Post Rd West (or thereabout) – the windows above Winfield Street Deli.

  6. Totally the building front of the western side of post road at the bridge… former apartments for those at save the children

  7. I realize, looking now at the other answers, that I should have been more specific. The building, that Dan has written about in the past, curves around from Riverside at the corner of the Post Road, If that is indeed the building, I think those windows could be overlooking Riverside or the Post Road.

  8. Top of the Gauls Building on the corner of Riversideand State St. part of it was originally a car garage in the 1920s’

  9. 2 story brick Bldg at east side of Saygatuck River on US1 and Rivrtside intersection….across from Nat Hal

  10. Windows on corner of Post Road and Wilton Road

  11. Area/apts.over what used to be Art’s Deli.

  12. The second floor of the building at the corner of Riverside and Post Road. Age of Reason and Arezzo’s Restaurant are on the first floor.

  13. Above the shops that include Winfield Street Deli.

  14. Looking up from the street to the second story windows on the corner of Post Rd and Riverside Ave that are above Arrezzo, Laura Bazante Salon, Winfield Deli, etc

  15. Hunt and Down Building!

  16. Greens Farms Elementary?

  17. It is definitely the 2nd floor of “Hunt & Downs” building just over the bridge on Post Road West. Aka opposite National Hall. And the home of the great Winfield Street Deli, Age of Reason and other locally owned businesses.

  18. My guess is Rt. 1 and Riverside. Apartments above The old Arts Deli.

  19. Michael Calise

    Hunt & Downs Building