Pics Of The Day #495

It’s remarkable what you could see near Compo Beach this weekend.


21 responses to “Pics Of The Day #495

  1. That is awesome!!

  2. Vanessa Bradford

    The spirit of Esther Burroughs !

  3. Janette Kinnally

    I love this!

  4. Bravo. Really great idea.

  5. Jay Tormey ‘66

    The Best!!!

  6. Edward Sanford

    Those were the good old days, I miss them terribly.

  7. OMG- wow. This IS Westport still.

  8. Jill Turner Odice

    How cool is that! A little reminder of when Westport was unique and wonderful…

  9. Brilliant concept and execution!

  10. Mary Cookman Schmerker Staples '58

    Absolutely love it!

  11. Now…extend the wheel base…just a tad and sell ice cream pops!

  12. When I was a kid growing up in Manhattan…the three wheel utility bike was everywhere. Gristedes had them. Good Humor had them. The iceman had them.

  13. Oh wow! That’s so clever & remarkable!

  14. Well, THANKS, to whoever came up with the idea and carried it through. This is a delightful reminder of an iconic Westport memory.

  15. Joanne Heller

    You can thank the amazing Jane Green for bringing a little of the old Westport back. What a fabulous idea!

  16. Thanks – REMARKABLE memories

  17. Wonderful to see these photos of the Remarkable Bookcycle. Esther Kramer, my mother, who founded the bookshop, had a clear, instinctive vision that while the store should hold its own, beyond that, she wanted it to be fun and to acknowledge people and bring them together, in a commercial environment tilting toward high-end chain stores. It could have profited more by reducing the vast inventory of cool but slow-moving books, with a smaller staff (of rookies instead of wise women), with intrusive security. She’d have none of that. She’d have been thrilled by the Bookcycle. I’d love to know who conceived and made it. It’s right in that spirit. Thanks! Mark Kramer

  18. Wendy Batteau

    How very wonderful! Are book donations possible? (Btw, I think it is Jane Green’s project.)

  19. Werner Liepolt

    Great idea. Great execution. Great memorial.

  20. Sharon Paulsen

    LOVE IT!!!!

  21. Audrey Doniger

    Now that’s the “old””Westport!..