Come On Down! The Water’s Fine!

Sure, today started out iffy.

But by early afternoon, the sun came out. Clouds skittered away. With the temperature in the mid-80s, it was perfect beach weather.

You wouldn’t know it at Compo though. From one jetty to the other, the sand was empty.

On South Beach, picnic tables and grills that last year were as hard to snag as Harvard admissions, begged for action.

Even Hillspoint Road — usually chock-a-block with non-sticker folks who park (way past the limit), then walk to Compo or (even closer) Old Mill Beach — looked as lonesome as North Dakota.

Is anybody here? Anyone?

Or is Westport traveling through another dimension, not only of sight and sound but of mind …

14 responses to “Come On Down! The Water’s Fine!

  1. The section of Hillspoint Road show in the photo now requires a parking sticker. Zoom in to read sign in foreground.

  2. Jonathan McClure

    I would be interested to know if raising the access fees is paying off or not. It seems from this and previous posts that attendance is down over last year. Weather may be a factor this year, but It seems that higher fees is negatively affecting receipts this year.

  3. Sharon Paulsen

    Hahaha … your copy made me chuckle today!
    Thanks Dan!

  4. Sometimes life is really good.

  5. Thomas Bloch

    Just another day in Westport

  6. Michele Solis

    Cute…good chuckle!

  7. G Themaiolos

    Thanks for the laugh … I wanted to go to the beach, but the weather has been so unpredictable. Today’s a beauty !

  8. Love the photos! Especially of South Beach–it looks almost exactly like 1965 except the picnic tables look updated. The grills look the same. Breathtaking!

    • Sharon Paulsen

      It DOES look similar to many years ago … good point!

      For me, it looks/feels just like my 1970’s tot years at Compo … even with the recent upgrades that I’ve read about here on Dan’s blog.

  9. We were in Nantucket this weekend and ran into an insane amount of familiar FFC faces, almost entirely from Westport, Darien & New Canaan, to the point where it no longer felt like we were on vacation. Next year we might just stay home rather than make the trek up there..