Westport Historical Society Mystery Object #6

If you guessed that this Westport Historical Society mystery object —

— was a wick trimmer, you were right.

Unfortunately, no one did.

The wick trimmer was part of the WHS’ “Westport in 100 Objects” exhibit. The featured item changes every 2 weeks. If you stop in and identify it, you can win something from the gift shop.

So what is a wick trimmer?

Until the discovery of styrene and a self-consumed plaited wick in the 19th century, a candle wick had to be snuffed or trimmed to avoid smoking. Candle trimmers, or snuffers, are scissors designed with a box attached to catch the wick as it’s being trimmed.

The Historical Society says the current mystery object is easier to identify.

We’ll believe that when we — and you — see it.

One response to “Westport Historical Society Mystery Object #6

  1. Sorry I missed that — I have one passed along to me by my mother Sally Thorp Jacob (Jacob) Deegan who is 92 and living strong in Naples, FL.