Lending A Hand To Knock Down Playgrounds

Both Kings Highway and Saugatuck Elementary Schools lost their playgrounds last weekend.

It’s all good.

In preparation for new playgrounds — designed for social interaction and cooperative play, with interactive climbing blocks, slides, spinning elements, quiet areas and more — the schools partnered with Kids Around the World. The organization helps children and families affected by war, poverty, illness and natural disasters.

The old playgrounds will be donated to third world countries, where such things are luxuries.

On Saturday, kids and parents worked together to dismantle the playgrounds. The next days, pros did the heavy lifting.

It’s hard work getting rid of a playground.

At Kings Highway, Robbie Guimond — father of 2 students — brought plenty of equipment, and paid a crew himself, to do the excavation work.

Robbie’s other daughter is at Earthplace. He’s helping with the excavation of a new playground there too.

Robbie Guimond takes a brief break yesterday.

It takes a village — and a guy with excavating equipment — to get rid of a playground.

Soon, the village will enjoy brand new playgrounds.

3 responses to “Lending A Hand To Knock Down Playgrounds

  1. I’m not surprised at what Robbie’s doing; He’s ALWAYS been a hard worker and an asset to the local community and his family. Bravo! Wait, isn’t this the same Robbie G. who they were *blasting* last week, while he was actually working to support his darling family by transporting *client’s boats* through the broken Cribari bridge? Such an evil man…..

  2. Thx Jim Cooper, these play grounds are going to be something to see ,the cool factor is high. They asked in may if we could help out, we can’t wait to run around with the girls on them.

    I Have to say thanks to my guy’s who took a Sunday afternoon away from their family’s to help our family’s.. but the majority of the credit goes to the family’s on Saturday who disassembled the donate equipment and the PTA , These parents are the real deal. Alision Reilly, Sara Snow, Jill Dillion, Kim Ceman as well as the towns Rep. Ted Hunyadi. Lots of effort by all, we love this town.

  3. Sharon Paulsen


    I love the idea that the previous playground apparatus will be recycled for less fortunate kids! Much better than chucking into a landfill, for sure!

    Great work, Westporters!