Saugatuck Rowers Make Waves At Nationals

The Saugatuck Rowing Club continues to pump out national caliber athletes.

And a good number of them live right here in Westport.

Eddie Kiev was a coxswain on the US Under-17 junior national team. He helped his boat to a silver medal on Friday, at the US Rowing Club National Championships in Camden, New Jersey.

Eddie Kiev, national team coxswain.

Parker Cuthbertson was a member of the CanAmMex junior national team that won a gold medal last week in Mexico City.

Sven Herrman and Sam Kleiner were part of the men’s high-performance team, which also competed in Camden. Sam won a bronze in the U-19 4+ event.

And keep your eyes on these guys (and gals): Harry Burke will row for the men’s U-19 worlds team, and Kelsey McGinley, Alin Pasa and Noelle Amlicke are on the women’s U-19 worlds team. Both boats compete in the Czech Republic on August 8.

All are Staples High School students. And all of “06880” congratulates them for their great work!

5 responses to “Saugatuck Rowers Make Waves At Nationals

  1. Julie Fatherley

    06880 never fails to weave the fibers of this community together. Many thanks for all the here and now and past articles that you send out Dan.
    Friends all agree with me that your blog is THE BEST and makes a significant difference in our lives. Hooray for these amazing water warriors
    and the hours they devote to their pursuit of perfection on the water.
    Julie Fatherley

    • Thanks, Julie – much appreciated. We live in an amazing community. It’s not perfect, but no place is. I’m honored to be able to tell so many positive stories, and glad I can also shine a light on the not-so-positive ones. The more we can all learn and talk together — even when we disagree — the better this town will ultimately be. At least, I hope so 🙂

    • Mary Cookman Schmerker Staples '58

      Thanks Julie. You captured the way so many of us feel about Dan, his Blog and Westport. Not only did you capture it you wrote with eloquence.

  2. Lori Winthrop Dockser

    Congrats Parker !

  3. Saugatuck rowing club boats also make waves (wakes) on the saugatuck river in a no wake zone, some times knocking people off docks, some times scuffing up boats tied to docks, and sometimes just being completely discourteous and blocking boats trying to navigate the channel.