Seymon And Lynne Need Our Help

Seymon and Lynne Ostilly are longtime Westporters. Their 2 kids — now in their 20s — are Staples High School graduates.

And they’re dealing with quite a lot.

For the past 8 years, Lynn has been the primary caregiver as her husband struggled with dementia. Over the past 6 months, as his condition grew much worse, it became increasingly more difficult for her to help him.

In May, Lynne suffered a hemorrhage stroke. The brain bleed was so deep, it was too unsafe to operate. Emma flew home from California.

Lynne is fighting to recover. She must relearn how to walk, use her right arm, and remember words she once knew.

When she is finally discharged from rehab, she will need extensive physical and occupational therapy.

Emma Ostilly and her mother Lynne.

A month after Lynne’s stroke — when she was stable and on the path to recovery — Emma returned to California, and her work. (She’s also planning her wedding, for next year.)

On her way to the airport, she learned that her father had suffered multiple mini-strokes. Two days later, he had a very large and severe basal ganglia stroke.

Seymon has now joined Lynne at a rehab facility. Both are trying to recover. But his dementia has greatly slowed his progress. And his Medicare coverage is ending.

Meanwhile, Seymon’s strokes resulted in a series of blood clots, which have moved to his lungs. Some were dissolved with blood thinners, but he has deep vein thrombosis. His leg is extremely swollen, making it even more difficult to walk. Doctors say he will probably never live at home again.

Dane has put his career on hold to care for his parents.

Lynne and Seymon Ostilly.

Fortunately, the Ostillys have some long-term health care. However, their care is extremely expensive. Coverage will eventually run out.

More costs — a caregiver for Lynne, and a nursing home for Seymon — loom.

Emma and Dane have set up a GoFundMe page. It’s a chance for all of us to help our neighbors — whether we know them or not. Click here to contribute, or for more information.

“Anything you can give would be an absolute blessing,” Seymon and Lynne’s children say.

“Love you all. Life is precious.”

6 responses to “Seymon And Lynne Need Our Help

  1. A wonderful wonderful family. Our prayers and support are with you

  2. India Penney

    I don’t know this family, but I can understand the difficulties they are all facing. I know our community will come to their aid. God bless them.

    “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”
    ~ Charles Dickens

  3. Jack Whittle

    Seymon and Lynne – and their wonderful children Dane and Emma – are among the kindest people you will ever meet, in or outside of Westport. I was quite upset to learn of Lynne’s condition (from Seymon, actually – right before it seems he was hospitalized after his big stroke), made even more catastrophic given Seymon’s decline during the last year. While everyone is deserving of assistance and support, the Ostilly’s are truly a family in need and deserving of our help. I hope others will join me by clicking on the link above and making a contribution.

  4. Daryl Styner, D.D.S.

    My best wishes to you all. This is not an easy thing for families to go through. Your parents are so lucky to have two wonderful giving children to ease their burden in this time of need.9

  5. Lorrie Nantz

    Thank you Dan for bring this terrible predicament to the forefront, This wonderful family is going through some difficult times and I cannot imagine Emma and Dane having to go through this at their tender ages. I know the great Westport community will react in kind to help support this dedicated family, who needs much help from it’s neighbors and friends. God Bless the Ostilly family and all those who can provide many prayers and monetary assistance through the “Go Fund Me” site.

  6. Carol Barrett

    Carol L Barrett