ROAVing Sunglasses From Max Greenberg

It’s July: prime sunglasses season.

But you can’t wear your cool shades all the time. Wouldn’t it be great to fold them up and carry them everywhere?

Max Greenberg

Max Greenberg thought so. And now — thanks to the the ingenuity and product design skills of the 2008 Weston High School graduate — you can.

Growing up, Max was fascinated with things like watches (and sunglasses). He studied product design at the University of Rochester, then earned a master’s degree in industrial design at the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena.

For years, he’d wondered how to create folding sunglasses. Regular screw hinges would not work; he needed micro-hinges to make them compact.

He found a development and manufacturing partner in China, then ran Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns.

By early 2017 he’d raised $200,000. ROAV eyewear — the name implies wandering and spontaneity — was a go.

Yes, ROAV sunglasses really are compact.

Most sales are online. But Max’s family now lives in Westport. He says this town — filled with active, outdoors-oriented, fashion-conscious people — is the perfect market. He’s trying to get his sunglasses into local stores.

Bungalow was the first to carry his line.

Next up: new shapes and designs.

And perhaps the next frontier: reading glasses.

(For more information or to order, click here.)

2 responses to “ROAVing Sunglasses From Max Greenberg

  1. Tom Feeley Sr

    Nice shades😎

  2. Mary Hoffman

    I love my ROAV sunglasses. Max’s Kickstarter campaign was compelling. ROAV’s are super comfortable as well as easy to carry.