A Star-Spangled Celebration

It was hot. The barge headed first to Fairfield, instead of Westport. The lifeguards made an announcement about a lost husband.

But traffic flowed very well. There was room for everyone. And Westport’s 62nd annual fireworks display was — once again — the best party ever.

And it’s still only July 3rd!

RTM member Andrew Colabella gets in the holiday spirit.

Doc Davidson lives directly across from Compo Beach. The inside of his fence is painted to look like Ebbets Field. Baseball and a cookout — it doesn’t get more American than that.

The lifeguards always post a Quote of the Day. Today’s was especially meaningful.

Chief of Police Foti Koskinas, at the Westport PAL booth.

Louie Carey loves the fireworks THIS much!

The Marching Cobras dance and drum corps entertained the huge crowds.

The Compo crowds — as seen from the Sound. (Photo/John Kantor)

Sandra and Baxter Urist. Check out his Declaration of Independence shirt.

The fireworks barge, as seen from the water. (Photo/John Kantor)

Hey — the garbage doesn’t pick itself up!

There were hundreds of parties at Compo Beach. This was hosted by Bart Shuldman (3rd from right) and his wife Susan (4th from right).

Sparklers on sale at nightfall offered a striking scene. (All photos by Dan Woog, unless otherwise noted)

Memories in the making. (Photo/Lisa Power)

10 responses to “A Star-Spangled Celebration

  1. Regi Kendig

    You outdid yourself this year Dan! Awesome job!

  2. Kimberly Pauley

    Awesome night. My favorite. Unfortunately the PAL booth shown above was selling realistic life size toy MACHINE GUNS complete with a strip of ammo. Some kids were running around pretending to shoot each other. Not sure this is what we want in general let alone for a booth representing PAL. Did anyone else see this?

  3. Bobbi Essagof

    Fireworks were really well done this dear (my 27th) and I’d like to thank Doug and Melissa for sponsoring.

  4. Patricia Carey

    I think the picture of Louie Carey was the best of all of these pictures! But I may be a tad partial.

  5. Caryl Beatus


  6. Great photos Dan. You are becoming quite the photojournalist. Well done!!

    • Thanks, Sue! High praise from a true pro!

      • Fred Cantor

        Yes, very nice pics. And I noticed that you captured the home built on the site of the Coens’ former house. At first glance, it looks good and seems to fit within the architectural context of the neighborhood,

  7. Sharon Paulsen

    Lov’in these!

    Thanks Dan! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸