Send Us Your Fireworks Photos!*

There’s a lot going on tomorrow.

The beach will be jammed. Folks deck themselves out in red-white-and-blue. There are cookouts, picnics, and flags galore.

“06880” wants to show the world what a Westport Independence Day looks like. Please send photos — of your kids, your decorations, your dog — to Deadline is 10 p.m. tomorrow.

* NOTE: Please stay away from actual photos of fireworks. They pretty much all look the same.

Be creative — and have fun!

Here’s looking at you, America!


3 responses to “Send Us Your Fireworks Photos!*

  1. Sharon Paulsen

    Happy 4th everyone! Enjoy the festivities!

    Wouldn’t be sooo terrible to see at least one (good) pic of the actual fireworks too, hmmm? Maybe from one of the esteemed 06880 photo-pros who frequent your blog?

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing how it all goes down (pictorially) at the beach this year. I really enjoy these posts! Thanks Dan!

  2. I figured someone would send a fireworks photo. Many readers tend to skim my stories, and not quite read everything… 🙂