Unsung Heroes #54

Another summer has begun.

That means another year of fun at Compo Beach. And another season of Parks and Recreation Department employees picking up all our garbage, making sure we’ll have the best possible time at one of the most beautiful spots in town.

It’s a tough job most days. They do it cheerfully, morning, afternoon and into the evening.

But nothing compares to the fireworks.

That’s crunch time. They prepare ahead. They work hard all day and night, even as the pyrotechnics explode overhead.

Then their real work begins.

The moment the last firework fades, 15,000 folks head for their cars. They leave behind a phenomenal amount of stuff.

Coolers. Folding chairs. Tables. Umbrellas.

Plus tons — literally — of uneaten food, along with the usual cans, bottles, suntan lotion, bug spray, beach balls, footballs, pails, shovels, flip flops, magazines, newspapers, and whatever else someone needs for a day at the beach.

The scene at 11 p.m. is like a war zone, or natural disaster.

Yet by dawn the next morning, Compo is completely normal.

Garbage cans are empty. The seawall is clean. The sand has been groomed.

It happens overnight. But it doesn’t just happen.

Parks & Rec crews work incredibly hard — in the dark — to get the beach ready for another day of enjoyment.

No one sees them. No one thanks them. It’s their job, after all.

But they do it incredibly well.

For that reason, they’re our Unsung Heroes of this almost-fireworks week.

And if you really want to give them a hand, take all your crap home with you Monday night.

6 responses to “Unsung Heroes #54

  1. Agreed, when lifeguarding we had to report 1 hour early to walk/run point-to-point the day after the fireworks. The Rec guys were crazy good!

  2. Sal Liccione

    We have very good park and Rec maintance peaple that clean after the fireworks and police and Dpw we thank all them for working the fireworks and more

  3. I have always thought about exactly the mess that’s left (none mine ever) on the beach after the exodus AND noticed the transformation the next day. Yes, thanks guys and gals who clean up because it’s their job AND probably they want to see the beach looking “right” every day. Thank you thank you!!!

  4. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    We never had sand like that at Compo in the 50s and 60s. I can remember it taking hours to get out of the Fourth of July traffic jam when the fireworks were over.

  5. Don Bergmann

    Stuart McCarthy and his team did a great post July Fourth clean up and now it continues under Jen Fava. Those two Parks & Rec. Directors are important but it is the rank and file employees who deserve most of the credit. As members of the public let’s all try to make the task easier.
    Don Bergmann