Happy Monday!

Residents of Violet Lane thought their part of the Myrtle Avenue water main renovation project was finished a couple of weeks ago.

This morning, workers once again tore up the road — and drivers scrambled to get their cars out while they could.

(Photo/Joyce Joiner)

Neighbors are not the only ones without much notice about what’s happening. Many Westporters have asked that better signage be placed on the Post Road and Main Street.

13 responses to “Happy Monday!

  1. Robert Harrington

    This is another example of Aquarion being a bad partner for Westport. Aquarion walk all over our town officials. Time to tell Aquarion who runs the town.

    All this before the monster Aquarion project begins on North Avenue.

    Aquarion’s execution of these projects is NOT good.

  2. With respect to the dumpster fire of daily surprises and hardships this project has visited upon Myrtle Ave and Violet Lane, residents of same received a very clear message from town hall at the outset: “Good luck with all of that – you’re on your own.”

  3. There has been zero notice to businesses on Church/Myrtle Lane. Not only of the closure but also water shut off. Leaving us no time to prepare to avoid loss of business. Added with the development of downtown and lack of adequate parking for the new additions it’s not good times for business owners and their patrons.

    • I hear you. Just be glad you’re not a resident of downtown. We’re at the very bottom of the food chain – at least you have the WDMA. Who do we have?
      If a resident has the temerity to speak up to local officials about any of the quality of life conditions which occasionally arise here, two things typically happen: the resident is publicly ignored – and privately disparaged.

  4. Shira Honigstein

    This does not bode well for the mega water tower project that is looming for North Avenue. Another reason to revisit the whole plan and come up with a better solution!! Aquarion’s reputation for notifying those affected and getting the job done efficiently is a big FAIL.

    • The unfortunate bit is that it didn’t have to be like this. Aquarion could have just collected our emails at the outset (it already has a lot of them) and then it would have had a nice distribution list of impacted businesses and residents for updates. And/or just set up a web site. Knocking on doors with no warning a few minutes before the whole road is to be closed just doesn’t work out that well for businesses or families.

  5. Sylvia Robinson Corrigan

    Not only has this work been a great inconvenience to residents, businesses, drivers and commuters, the lack of signage and forewarning (if there had been a website – or via Channel 12 News or Westportnow, we could know what streets or intersections were going to be worked on the night before) – but it causes folks to be nervous, upset, often impatient and sometimes unpleasant to other drivers or residents.Help us out! Help us be better at coping with this, respectfully!

  6. Morley Boyd

    About an hour after this story posted, town officials suddenly reversed themselves and ordered Aquarion’s contractor (who truthfully could not be any nicer) to, ahem, move my water meter a few feet. Said meter had been minding its own business in the Myrtle Ave. sidewalk since 1942 and, up until this morning, there were exactly zero plans to move it. Suffice to say, this last minute (let’s just call it an “intervention”) created chaos, waste, considerable additional cost and what is looking like several weeks of delay.

  7. Nancy Hunter

    Oh, the humanity

    • Commenting on local neighborhood type stories from another town (or in this case, another country) is slightly risky – not least because the presenting problem is often just a stand in for the real problem. And thus there exists the chance that one may end up looking like the east end of a west bound horse.

  8. Luisa Francoeur

    Did Myrtle Ave have blue lines painted on it prior to all this work? Old Hill Road has a long section with lines and AWS, W/S, CBYD, and other markers in blue paint. I wonder if this road is about to be torn up?