Pic Of The Day #433

Bay Street wisteria clematis (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

11 responses to “Pic Of The Day #433

  1. Hi 06880!

    I believe that’s a clematis. Not wisteria. Below is like to a wisteria.

    https://www.coblands. wisteria.uk/products/6449-wisteria-sinensis-2l

    I could be wrong, but I doubt it.


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  2. Lee Fleming

    It’s clematis, not wisteria. Lovely photo.

  3. Thanks, Beth and Lee!

  4. Roberta Eggart

    Umm that’ s not wisteria although the right color.

  5. Patricia McMahon

    Thanks for the correction folks…
    clematis it is indeed and as i mentioned to Dan, i should know better since i have some on my own property… Ha!

  6. Michael Brennecke

    That’s clematis.

  7. Richard Marcus

    I think it’s Climatis

  8. Kathleen Fassman

    It is beautiful….
    But it is clematis, not wisteria.

  9. I know, I know!

  10. Linda D. Parker

    Oh, it looks like Clematis!

  11. Patricia McMahon

    Thank god i didn’t make an even bigger
    Botanical Faux Pas calling them
    HYDRANGEAS. Ha!!!!