Greetings From Westport

Pop-up art galleries are a thing. They’ve popped up all over Westport, including the Post Road and Bedford Square.

There’s a new one in Saugatuck. But this is different: It’s the brainchild of a pair of fairly recent Staples High School alums.

Jake Shore and Alex Zukerman graduated in 2013. They earned degrees from Rhode Island School of Design and Pratt, respectively.

Since last fall they’ve staged a half dozen shows in Paddlecourt Gallery, a former catering storefront on Saugatuck Avenue. (It’s across from Westport Chinese Takeout. The name comes from its founding in a former paddle tennis court near Alex’s house.)

This weekend they present the work of up-and-coming artists Alicia Gibson and Butt Johnson. Though New York based, both have created drawings depicting well-known residents past and present, and local architecture and landmarks.

The show reflects views of the town by visitors. It suggests postcards, memories and impressions.

Jake and Alex have taken Westport’s artistic legacy to heart. They’re carrying on the tradition, in a modern, hip way.

The opening reception is tomorrow (Saturday, June 23, 1 to 6 p.m.). The show runs through July 29. Paddlecourt Gallery is at 58 Saugatuck Avenue.

(For more on Paddlecourt, check out this story posted today on ArtNews.)

One response to “Greetings From Westport

  1. Susana Weyer

    I love that the arts have always been part of Westport and that it continues to evolve and adapt giving this town so much energy and heart.