Friday Flashback #95

Alert “06880” reader Carol Gluckman sent along this 1980s-era t-shirt.

The owner may have loved all those stores, restaurants and more.

But unless you’re a beach, high school, institution or neighborhood — or were very lucky — today you’re just a memory.

Click “Comments” below to share your memories of any of these golden oldies.

20 responses to “Friday Flashback #95

  1. It’s not in alphabetical order so I had some trouble scanning it — but where is Arnie’s Place?

  2. Jack Whittle

    Calises, Black Duck, Viva’s and the Playhouse still operating!

  3. Tom Feeley Sr

    Chez Pierre: made your Caesar Salad & dressing right at your table serves 4👏🇺🇸

  4. Caitlin Burke

    oh this is the best! I will have to tell you about all of them. you would have LOVED the store Selective Eye

    • Sharon Paulsen

      I remember the “disco” ball in the Selective Eye, hanging in the stairs to the second floor!

      And white plush carpeting up there!

  5. Bobbi Tager

    Thank you Carol! Those were the days!
    Irreplaceable ‼️ Delightful to read and
    remember these
    names of the past! 😊⭐️💥❤️

  6. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    I would miss Country Gal from the 60s. The Levitt Pavilion wasn’t around when I was in Westport but I did play golf with Mimi Levitt in the above mentioned 60s. Otherwise I loved Kleins, The Sport Mart and of course The Remarkable Book Shop.

  7. I loved Laura Ashley and Remarkable.

  8. Sharon Paulsen

    This tee looks extremely familiar!

    Was it something the downtown merchants put together? Or, perhaps the school system?

    I’m wracking my brain, trying to recall, because I may have actually owned one of these back then … or seen someone with it on.

    Oh well, soooo cool to see this! Nice “archive” of the 80’s!

  9. Paula Schooler

    Loved Pearls💚

    • Sharon Paulsen

      Ah, Pearls restaurant … serving up the trendy (at the time … late 70’s, maybe early 80’s) fondue menu!

      I actually had one of their T-Shirts, and now wish I had saved it for … prosperity. My father bought it for me, right after an amazing family meal there, when I was a pre-teen.

      Ah, memories!

  10. Glad I got to live there while all these places were still around! I don’t even recognize downtown anymore!

  11. William Strittmatter

    Where are the movie theaters, Le Chambord, Peppermill, Cafe de la Plage, Allen’s Clam House, and whatever the Chinese restaurant at (now) Sconset Square?

    Or am I on the wrong decade for some of those?

  12. Stacey Atwell

    I remember all of them. I was a kid when they built the new library and I remember my parents discussing it. I think there was some controversy about building it on the former town dump site(I remember going to the dump with my dad, too).

    So many nice shops used to be on Main Street….

  13. Linda Pomerantz Novis

    This brings back great memories! 🙂

  14. Whatever happened to the very first Ann Taylor?