Pic Of The Day #422

Compo Beach pavilion (Photo/Amy Schneider)

8 responses to “Pic Of The Day #422

  1. At first glance, very Magritte.

  2. At first glance, very Magritte,

  3. Sharon Paulsen

    I got an immediate Edward Hopper vibe from this! (Rooms by the Sea, 1951, for instance).


  4. Andrew Colabella

    Window Of The World ❤️

  5. Eric E. Bosch

    This pic must be the only vista left at the beach without a sign in view. What is going on at Compo beach? The people who have sought to destroy our beautiful beach with over 35 NEW signs clearly do not live in our town. Signage beach count no stands at over 309. Ask yourself at your next trip to the beach, why is this place no longer as beautiful as you remembered. You will find the answer in the bombardment to visual signage everywhere. The views of our lovely canons? Spoiled the a large blue rules sign, (that no one will ever read), stating the same rules that are on every life guard chair. There are of 3 of these very large bright blue beauties, each put where an artist might like to paint the setting/view, if not for the “Rules” signs that stand in the way.
    I dare you to count all the new parking signs. Shame on the people who have spoiled our beautiful beach so! I can’t be the only person in town who feels this way?
    Eric E. Bosch