And The Winner Of Our “ABCs Of Westport” Contest Is …

… no one.

That’s right.

Our recent contest — asking “06880” readers to identify Shelly Weifeld’s clever photos, depicting various spots in and around downtown as letters of the alphabet — drew exactly zero responses.

Was it too hard? No one interested? Did no one want a $50 gift certificate from The ‘Port?

Too bad!

Here’s the collage again. Feel free to try once more — this time, for fun.

The answers are below.

(Photo collage by Shelly Welfeld)

A: Levitt Pavilion
B: Top 2 windows of National Hall, as seen from across the river
C: Mailbox on Riverside Avenue
D: Window at Christ & Holy Trinity Church
E: “Live by the Sound” tile wall
F: Riverside Avenue parking lot, from behind
G: Quidley & Company art gallery, Wilton Road
H: Bench outside of Noya Fine Jewelry
I: Talbots, Main Street
J: Flower vase in the yard of 82 Riverside Avenue
K: Fence on Sylvan Road South
L: Light post on the Saugatuck River
M: Assumption Church window
N: Fence near downtown
O: Vacant store, Main Street
P: Handle of the railing at Paper Source
Q: Lou & Grey, Main Street
R: From “ARTS” on the wall near the Saugatuck River Bridge
S: Riverside Avenue
T: Corner by South Moon Under
U: Patagonia window
V: By the Saugatuck River Bridge, on the corner across from South Moon Under
W: Tree on the Riverwalk, near the library
X: On the brick wall near Arezzo, from across the river
Y: Bench handle outside Top This Frozen Yogurt
Z: Arezzo restaurant

See? Easy!


4 responses to “And The Winner Of Our “ABCs Of Westport” Contest Is …

  1. Creative piece.. congrats to winner.

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    I would have guessed maybe 5 of those, at best.

    Now I wished I had tried! LOL

  3. I kept my eyes open driving around town (carefully, hoping for red lights) and then later walked through Harder Parking and over the bridge onto Riverside Avenue. I came up with a dozen, but figured that was pretty paltry pickings for this crowd! I loved the combination of images and how beautiful they all looked together. I’m still looking. And not looking at the answer list until I snag a few more!