Pic Of The Day #417

Okay, so it isn’t a picture. But it’s still worth far more than 1,000 words.

Here’s Adele Cutrali Valovich — Staples’ beloved orchestra director — leading the Symphonic and Sophomore Orchestras a few minutes ago in “Stars and Stripes Forever.”

It was the finale of Staples’ 3rd Annual Pops Concert — and the final performance of Valovich’s 36-year career in the Westport schools.

She sure went out on a high note! (Click the arrow below to play video.)


BONUS PHOTO: Here’s a small section of the jam-packed Levitt Pavilion:


3 responses to “Pic Of The Day #417

  1. Vanessa Bradford

    Bravo and well done!

  2. Fred Cantor

    That was great! Sounded like the Boston Pops.

  3. Daryl Styner, D.D.S.

    Tonight’s Staples concert was fantastic! A testimony to Adele and her students in her timely retirement “send-off”…. A wonderful evening.