Pics Of The Day #416

Natalie Kroft says: “The other evening, my family and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. We came across this ‘Little Free Library’ on a side street off Imperial Avenue, so neighbors can share books and magazines with each other.

“It was complete with free doggie treats and water bowl. Next to the post was also a wooded bench for readers to take a seat if they please.

“I never knew these existed. But I love the idea. It’s just another reason to show how wonderful our Westport neighbors are!”

7 responses to “Pics Of The Day #416

  1. Dorothy Abrams

    They’re some here, too. GREAT idea. Benches and doggie treats make them even more special.

  2. Cathy Blount

    This is the work of a great friend that never takes any credit for the wonderful acts of kindness she performs… Kudos to Audrey Demetres! Thank God for people like Audrey that remind us to ‘pay it forward’!

  3. Audrey Demetres

    I’m so excited to see this post! I’m going to do one more just for children, very soon. I LOVE to see people stop and read, rest their dogs, chat with each other. Who knew, I’m a librarian. My dear friend Marcia is coming to stay for the “new” library celebration. So, drop off some good books since a real library gal is watching. Please visit. “won’t you be my neighbor?”

  4. Audrey Demetres

    me again, My Little library is located at the corner of the property of 8 Otter Trail if you’d like to drop off a nice book….. magazines on the top shelf. However, if the library is full, please don’t leave anything out on the bench to get rained on. I keep a live camera on it so I can pick up over flow (which hasn’t happened yet) but I don’t want books to get ruined. Thanks!!!

  5. Scott Broder

    This “Little Free Library” 📚 is the thoughtful, clever
    Inspiration of our dear friend, Audrey Demetres. The neighbors love it💥They exchange books, have pleasant chats and doggies socialize around the water bowl. This little library brings back to life the neighborhood comradrie most of us remember from childhood thirty plus years ago❗️
    What a terrific venue to bring it back a little bit👍🏼
    Kudos Audrey👏

  6. Sharon Paulsen

    What a novel (ahem) Idea!

    Love it!

  7. Carol Mata

    Such a wonderful idea…..wish we could do it in our condo association!