Soundview Home Goes Down

One of the most recognizable houses on Soundview Drive has met its end.

The longtime home of Toni Cunningham — for decades a moving force behind the Compo Beach Improvement Association — was demolished today.

(Photo/Patricia McMahon)

Its other claim to fame: It was the only house with a driveway actually on Soundview Drive.

Every other home on the beach exit road is accessed by a side street.

10 responses to “Soundview Home Goes Down

  1. Philip Amara

    Knew that house well we lived @ 39 Soundview drive at corner of soundview across from jetty.Limperts for over 75 years on compo beach.

  2. India Penney

    Only peripherally about this post … does anyone remember Mrs. Gerard on Soundview? Her house was the quasi Dutch colonial 2 doors in from Compo Beach Rd. In the early 1960s she had a collie with one blue eye. And she had a rooster or a hen in the large front garden. Anyone?

  3. Sue Braley

    Ran into Gail Cunningham Coen a few months ago at where else – Trader Joe’s – but in St Petersburg FL where we both now are – and discussed the changes in the old neighborhood

  4. Rod Hurtuk

    I remember the house and family well. Another loss to Westport’s history and character. Sad to see this tear down.

  5. Sharon Paulsen

    Wondering why it’s being torn down. Maybe too much salt/sea/flooding damage over the years?

    Wonder what will be built in its place.

    Frankly, I would run for the hills vs. buying and/or rebuilding on a low lying coastal property, like Saugatuck Shores. Even if I had the bankroll to do it, it seems precarious at best.

    It’s not a “sound” investment (ahem, accidental pun) IMO.

    It’s more than likely, much sooner than later, that the ground level living space will become a mold infested swamp (no political reference intended … although, it does kindof “flow” with the current crisis we are witnessing, heh heh).

    Of course, the FEMA reco’s are to build “up”, post hurricane Sandy. Maybe that will help to delay the effects of the … inevitable?

    Thanks for the post, Dan. It’s cool to see what’s happening around town, and I hope my somewhat cynical mood today doesn’t detract from my appreciation for these tidbits!

  6. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    Up until now I didn’t really care. But this teardown really ticks me off. Was the WHC on vacation, medical marijuana or preoccupied with Stormy Daniels?

    • Tracy Flood

      Sadly the WHC only has the authority to slow down the process. I still live here, and love it, but there are really cookie-cutter unattractive homes going up all over. REALLY ugly for my taste. Sas…

  7. Viveka Kjellgren

    Toni once told me the reason her house was the only one with driveway access to Soundview Av was that a pediatrician lived in the house before her and he needed to get out fast to his patients!

  8. Elizabeth (Bette) Popovich SHS '65

    Viveka: Interesting historic note. Thank you for sharing. I went to school with Gail C.C., K-12, and last spoke with her at her Soundview Ave. home, when she hosted an after-reunion gathering for some of her Staples HS classmates.