Photo Challenge #179

Last week’s photo challenge was considerably easier — and more pastoral — than the previous one.

As many readers guessed correctly, Bob Weingarten’s shot showed Nyala Farm. That’s the very large, still-nearly-pristine swath of land between Greens Farms Road and the Sherwood Island Connector.

Thanks to the foresight of town officials in the 1970s, Stauffer Chemical was allowed to build a massive headquarters there — on the condition that it be well hidden from view.

Today, Stauffer — the company — is just a memory. And Stauffer’s office complex –now occupied by Bridgewater, the world’s largest hedge fund — is still overshadowed by rolling meadows, an old well, and this classic pasture fence. (Click here for the photo.)

Congratulations to Nancy Powers Conklin, Andrew Colabella, Fred Cantor, Bobbie Herman, Michael Calise, Alli Q. DiVincenzo, Seth Braunstein, Jose Villaluz, Jalna Jaeger and Jeanine Esposito. You know your onions!

Meanwhile, if you know where in Westport this week’s photo challenge is located, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Seth Goltzer)

FUN FACT: Nyala Farm — bought in 1910 by Frederick T. Bedford — was named by his son, Frederick T. Bedford, for the beautiful nyala (antelope) he saw on an Africa safari.

30 responses to “Photo Challenge #179

  1. Fred Cantor

    Former Positano

  2. Back of main Parker Harding the former restaurant

  3. Andrew Colabella

    POSITANO!!!! Now unoccupied

  4. Matt Murray

    Positano’s window second floor

  5. David Sampson

    The old positano

  6. Shirlee Gordon

    It is the window on the now out of business Boca in the parking lot behind Main Street

  7. Yes, it’s the old Positano restaurant on Hillspoint Road.

    No, it’s not the old Acqua/Boca restaurant in the back of Parker Harding Plaza. But it does look similar.

  8. Tom Siebrasse

    Cafe de la plage?

  9. Christopher Buckley

    The old Positano.

  10. Seth Braunstein

    The old Positano’s across from the soon to be old Elvira’s

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  11. I think it is on the old Positano building on the beach.

  12. Ken Palumbo

    The old positano. Soon to be a marijuana dispensary! Hehehe

  13. Lois Himes

    Facade of old Cafe de la Plage restaurant building

  14. To easy for a beach resident, Dan. That’s one of the second-story windows at the old Positano restaurant, which I am told is very soon to be demolished.

  15. Patricia McMahon

    I walk by it daily with my dog Levon,
    Positano. Wish it could be another restaurant or cafe.

  16. Jack Backiel

    Every window in Spain looks like that!

  17. Amy Schneider

    Former Positano Restaurant

  18. Sallie Bridgwater

    Staples High School class of 1958 is having their 60th(yes, I said 60th)reunion the weekend of June 29th, June 30th and July 1. Thought you might be interested in that news Sallie Bridgwater

    In His name

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  19. Jack Backiel

    I wonder if Christopher Lloyd will go to the 60th reunion.

    • Mary Cookman Schmerker SHS '58

      It would be great if he appeared. A note in my ’58 year book says he left before graduation. I do hope Dan covers this one. We had some truly remarkable classmates. However this is off topic …….sorry Dan.

  20. Karen Como

    The old positano restaurant near beach

  21. Vanessa Bradford

    The old Positano Restaurant at Old Mill

  22. Martin Gitlin

    The old positanos restaurant

  23. Sarah Menninger

    The windows at the now vacant, old Positano restaurant at old mill beach.

  24. The old cafe de la plage by old mill beach

  25. Tina Torraco

    Former Positano Resturant

  26. Beau James

    This is the old Cafe De La Plage/Positano

  27. Peter Ritchey

    Window on old Positanos.

  28. Mary Ann Batsell

    It is a window of the old Positano restaurant at Old Mill Beach