Nearly every day, alert “06880” reader Morgan Mermagen runs by Longshore.

For a month she’s seen wires hanging so low, she can actually touch them.

It’s the same on Hales Road:

(Photos/Morgan Mermagen)

They’re strung through loops, and are not affixed at each pole. The slack allows them to hang low in one place, high in another.

At first Morgan thought the wires were part of a storm clean-up, and on someone’s to-do list. Now she wonders what’s going on, and why no one has done anything.

She does not know who they belong to: Eversource? Optimum? Someone else?

She hopes someone will pay attention.

Hopefully now, someone will.

14 responses to “Wired!

  1. They could be Frontier. Wires hung on our street for years before I figured it out and called them.

    Leigh Gage

  2. Doug Fierro

    They belong to Optimum. They are for their new Altice service they are launching. I called and tech came out denying it was theirs until I showed him the Altice label on the hanging wire…I then received a bill from Optimum for a service call, but they did waive the fee…can’t make it up. Aren’t monopolies grand?

  3. Rindy Higgins

    Wires are dangling and lying across the lawn and then back up to the pole on Madeline Ave. We notified Eversource weeks ago. No action and not sure what the wires transmit.

  4. Mary Cookman Schmerker Staples '58

    If I were Altice I would be concerned about a hefty lawsuit. Summer is upon us. Kids will soon be out of school. It might look like a challenge or fun to try and touch, throw something over the wire or any other challenge kids might think up not realizing the danger of live wires. Perhaps the wires are not a low as they look but…….
    To me it appears that something should be done sooner, not later.

    • Mary Cookman Schmerker Staples '58

      I meant to say Altice or Optimum. I just hit post too soon.

  5. Matt Murray

    Yes, those are Cablevision/Altices’ lines. The poles are strung this way:
    Eversource is up top.
    Cablevision is in the middle
    Frontier is at the bottom (the original SNET = Southern New England Telephone
    It’s a bit much they charged you for a service call. I’d reach out to them and ask for a manger.

  6. Evan Stein

    If it was over by The Three Bears, I’d say it was an eruv to let people walk to synagogue on Saturday. It may still be an eruv but I don’t know who it would benefitting and they don’t usually let it droop so low.

  7. Fred Klein

    There’s another one on Morningside, just north of Green’s Farms on the west side of the street – seems obviously dangerous to me.

  8. Frontier?

  9. Michelle Benner

    There was a low hanging wire on Hillspoint Road below Greens Farms Road. It was so low that about two weeks ago a service truck driver didn’t see it when he backed into a driveway. His truck tangled with the wire and pulled the pole with all of it’s wires down. The pole snapped in half and the transformer on the pole smashed in the middle of the street. It was a live wire mess all over the road and sidewalk. I only know about this because I was out running, on my way home. They almost wouldn’t let me cross over the wires or even walk around it. All cars had to turn around and go all the way back down Hillspoint to South Compo in order to get back to Greens Farms Road. I should have take a photo for you Dan, but it had just happened and I felt like I didn’t want to be in the way or interfere with the police and firemen showing up to do their jobs. These low wires really should get fixed. Is it up to the town officials? Who owns the poles?

  10. A retired utility employee who asked to remain nameless writes:

    Re Rindy’s comment – the power company (Eversource now, CL&P before) is not great at calling back…but I am sure that if she called the trouble number, 800-286-2000, and left info regarding low wires or wires down, the ‘trouble truck’ – on the road 24/7 in each Area Work Center(Norwalk in this case) would dispatch the Trouble Shooter, always a very experienced lineman, to drive by – as soon as they arrive, they determine if it’s their wire or not – and radio into the central dispatch, located in Waterbury, reporting this to the dispatcher on duty. If it’s a power problem, they fix it then – raising wire, attaching to pole, whatever – if it’s NOT power, they drive off – and here it’s uncertain what happens next – maybe dispatch calls into Frontier or Cablevision – but maybe not if the lineman didn’t know which company the wire belongs to. That’s the way it has been…and sounds like that’s the way it continues to be…

  11. Morgan Patrick

    Thanks everyone! I called Optimum and they sent a tech…to my house. The tech said they don’t think they can service the lines I’m asking because the lines are not at the house of the customer who reported the problem. I’ll alert Longshore but it appears Optimum isn’t going to make this easy.

  12. They fixed the one I requested at Longshore! Change can happen. Thanks for your support!