There’s an epidemic out there.

Westporters are getting hooked on … hooks.

The other morning, alert “06880” reader Jonathan Greenfield swam at Compo Beach. He got snared by a tangled fishing hook and line.

(Photo/Jonathan Greenfield)

Scary, right?

Amazingly, that’s not the hook that hooked him. The photo above is another one Jonathan found nearby.

A few days later, equally alert “06880” reader Wendy May sent this:

(Photo/Wendy May)

It’s from a different beach: the small one off Saugatuck Shores.

Whether you’re a swimmer, a beach walker, a dog — or a fisherman: Be careful out there!

5 responses to “Hooked!

  1. Jalna Jaeger

    Discarded fishing line is a terrible hazard for birds also!
    My sister walks the beach in Fairfield and picks up tons of it daily!
    Fisher-people need to become aware of the hazards of discarding their line, and clean up after themselves.

    • I couldn’t agree more!! It is very hazardous never mind the metal pieces they leave on the line God forbid a hook!! I wish something could be done about this!!!

  2. dan, thanks for plugging my new picture book, i really appreciate it!

  3. Thank you for posting Dan! This is so unsafe and I really wish something could be done about it. It is unsafe for humans and unsafe for our dogs who swim. Very hazardous. If people cannot be responsible and clean up after themselves thereby putting other people and our furry loved ones at risk, they shouldn’t be allowed to fish. I for one am really tired of people not taking responsibility for themselves.
    I realize fishing line gets stuck in rocks, so put on your fishing pants and go in and get it out if you’re going to fish!! Grrrrrr.