Westport Shoes: Gut Für Das Wasser

Alert “06880” reader Kate Comstock Davis was looking for a local store. She googled “Westport shoes.”

Which brought her to “WestportShoes.com.”

That’s the name of an entire line of boat shoes.

Surprised you’ve never heard of them?

Well, you might have. If you live in Germany.

“Westport Shoes” is based in Munich. Which is why the website proclaims, in somewhat garbled English: “Shoes that walk you to the best places!”

The site adds:

Westport Original boat shoes is an authentic brand that has made significance all over Europe since its establishment 10 years ago. Our shoes are designed for people who love sailing as much as staying stylish. Westport shoes are made of natural and comfortable fabric, making sure no synthetic fabric contacts your feet. The top of the shoes are made of 100% real leather guaranteeing you to feel extremely comfortable taking them on and wearing them all day.

Westport shoes are perfect for every kinds of weather because of the special technique that allows them to let the water out from under the shoe itself. Also the sole of the shoes are designed in a wavy style so you don’t have to worry about the risks of slipping either. The collection contains many styles from classical to modern, in a wide range of colours. You can always count on Westport in finding the shoes perfectly matching your personality, whether you’re looking for functional boat shoes or fashionable footwear.

They sound great! And they look pretty cool too.

Prices range from €79 to €95.

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