Troop 39 Honors Our Troops

Yesterday, many Westporters enjoyed the first real day of summer. The start of a holiday weekend saw Compo Beach packed, the roads filled with bicyclists, backyard grills all fired up.

Meanwhile, Boy Scout Troop 39 was busy remembering the real meaning of Memorial Day.

They placed new American flags at the graves of military veterans, and decommissioned worn flags, at 4 local cemeteries: Assumption on Greens Farms Road, Greens Farms Congregational by the Sherwood Island Connector, Willowbrook on Wilton Road, and Christ & Holy Trinity on Kings Highway North.

Scouts at Assumption Cemetery, off Greens Farms Road.

It was definitely a good — no, a great — deed.

If you see Troop 39 at tomorrow’s parade, be sure to give them an extra-proud wave.

Terry and Eamonn Brannigan, with their flags.

6 responses to “Troop 39 Honors Our Troops

  1. A great deed, indeed. Thank you, Troop 39, for such a beautiful remembrance!

  2. Thank you Troop 39…….we all forget those who served much too easily!

  3. Kathy Calise

    How do I get my fathers name on the list for veterans flag is never put there

    • Hi Kathy! The boys walk around the cemeteries and observe the type of stones that are installed. They are instructed to place a flag on any government issued marker. Some families elect not to order military markers for whatever reason and rely simply on the privately purchased stones instead.

      Unfortunately, these boys wouldn’t have known that your dad was a veteran if this particular marker is absent. I run Willowbrook Cemetery here in town and receive several inquires a year.

      Additionally, I explain to my families that they are responsible for decorating the graves of their loved ones, not the cemetery – and that this gesture is just that .. a beautiful gesture. This rule applies to all cemeteries.

      If your dad doesn’t have a military marker, simply contact the funeral home that served your family and bring in his DD-214 (Discharge Papers) and they will fill out the appropriate paperwork on your behalf.

      Remember: The State of Connecticut’s Veteran’s Affair will reimburse up to $100.00 for the installation of this marker, only if the request is within one calendar year of death. Otherwise, the family is burdened with the full cost of installation. I’m proud to say that Willowbrook DOES NOT charge the family a single penny for the installation of a military marker.

      Hope this helps!

  4. Patty Kondub

    Thank you, Troop 39. Many flags at Assumption Cemetery today thanks to you. Thank you on behalf of my family and my father, John J. Kondub, Purple Heart Marine, who had three battles on various Japanese Islands. Proud to see that new flag on his grave today.

  5. Audrey Hertzel

    Well done, Troop 39, well done!